Zuni Horse Fetish

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A beautiful Zuni Horse Fetish with prayer bundle carved from Jasper by Tyrone Poncho


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A beautiful Zuni Horse Fetish carved from Jasper by Tyrone Poncho from Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico. The horse is carrying a prayer bundle with a Mother of Pearl arrowhead and beads of Turquoise and Jasper.

The Zuni tribe have been carving totem animal fetish statues for centuries and believe that each animal embodies powers or qualities that may influence whoever has the privilege to be its guardian. The fetishes are collector’s items and sought after throughout the world.

The Horse symbolises freedom, adventure and independence whilst Jasper represents courage, strength and loyalty.

Annabel buys all our Zuni Pueblo jewellery and fetishes directly from the artisans or their representative on her buying trips to New Mexico

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