Teaching Programme

Empowering you to embody your Soul potential by healing and transforming your shadow experiences into your light of gnosis


  • Explore the Esoteric Teachings of the Western Mystery Tradition
  • Embark on an Archetypal Journey of the Soul through The Wheel of the Year
  • Join me on Sacred Pilgrimage to Glastonbury and the Summerlands
  • Embark on a Journey of Soul Descent & Ascent with the Venus Cycle
  • Train as an Avalon Rose Chapel® Practitioner to empower other women

The Philosophia Wheel Programme

The Philosophia Wheel Programme is a series of 8 online courses exploring each of the 8 Festivals on my Philosophia Wheel of the Year, which is inspired by both the Celtic Wheel of the Year and the Rose Lineage Mysteries

I guide you on a year’s Archetypal Journey of the Soul through each Festival’s associated pagan and Gnostic myths, deities, archetypes, symbols, animals and rituals, empowering you to work with their energies through the seasons

I’ve been working on the content for this programme since 2001, when I first began to follow the Celtic Wheel of the Year ritually, weaving it with my prior knowledge of the Rose Mysteries and Gnostic Calendar

If you would like me to guide you on this Archetypal Journey of the Soul to embody your Soul potential by healing and transforming your shadow experiences into your light of gnosis, click the link below to join the Wait List for The Philosophia Wheel Programme 2024 – we begin again on 20 March 2024

And if you would like to experience a taster for the Programme, please join me for The Serpent’s Tale Imbolc Immersion which includes a BONUS live Imbolc Masterclass from the current Philosophia Wheel Programme 2023, as well as a BONUS £47 discount off The Philosophia Wheel Programme 2024

  • I have been immersed in the Philosophia Wheel and going through each of the festivals with such a deeper reverence than I ever have before. What I especially love about Annabel’s guidance is her gnosis and weaving in of the Rose Path through the Celtic and Druid festivals. For me, the Celtic and Druid ways can often feel dry, or overly masculine. The Philisophia Wheel has given me a depth and connection to the markers of the year in a way that just feels TRUE to my SOUL. Integrative for the Priestess Path. The way that the content is delivered, the way that creativity is ignited, truly makes this journey a full embodied experience. I will be revisiting each of the modules for years to come. Thank you so much, Annabel, for your wisdom and guidance on the Rose Path.
    Nikki Stearns, The Philosophia Wheel Programme
The Wheel of the Year

Prepare to Enter Imbolc

Sacred Soulbook

The 4 day period (31 Jan – 3 Feb) through the Imbolc, Candlemas and Time of Manifestation portal is the most powerful energetic opportunity to journey with your Creative Self, free yourself from any blocks, embody your gnosis, and empower yourself to embark on your unique path of Soul expression

Whether or not you choose to join me for The Serpent’s Tale Imbolc Immersion, this interactive digital Sacred Soulbook will help you to prepare for this portal through a process of Soul reflection and creative inspiration

Sign up at the bottom of the page to receive your FREE interactive Soulbook

The Serpent’s Tale

Imbolc Immersion

31 Jan – 3 Feb 2024

  • A Bonus live Imbolc Masterclass from The Philosophia Wheel Programme valued at £47 (and the recording)
  • 4 Transpersonal Workshops to guide you through the Imbolc, Candlemas & Time of Manifestation Portal
  • Imbolc Immersion Workbook in which to write down all the inspiration and guidance you receive
  • 33% Discount off all Retail Products until 20.03.24
  • £47 Discount off The Philosophia Wheel Programme 2024

all for just £97

You’ll have access to all the online content and Masterclass recording until 20 March 2024

Imbolc Immersion

Mary & Michael Pilgrimage

Glastonbury 8-14 June 2024

The Avalon Rose Chapel® Mary & Michael Pilgrimage to Glastonbury-Avalon and the Summerlands takes place from Sat 8 June to Fri 14 June 2024, with a special invitation to join The Avalon Rose Chapel® Community Day & Ceremony on Sat 15 June.

During these 7 days, I will be guiding you on pilgrimage, joined by my close friends and expert guest facilitators, to all the Rose and Celtic-Druidic sacred sites in Glastonbury-Avalon and the Summerlands, including day visits to:


  • Burrow Mump & The Avalon Rose Chapel® with Nalini Blossom
  • Bride’s Mound, Wells Cathedral & The Bishop’s Palace
  • The Roman Baths & Thermae Spa in Bath
  • Avebury Henge & Stone Circles with Laura ‘Red Witch’ Daligan
  • Chalice Well, Glastonbury with Sophie Pullinger & Lydia Lyte
  • St Nectan’s Glen, Cornwall with Oliver William Huntley
  • Wearyall Hill & Glastonbury Abbey with Oliver William Huntley


There are only a couple of places left now, so if you’d like to join the Pilgrimage, please click the link below and email me with your interest as soon as possible.

The Rose Moon Membership

The original Venus Cycle Membership since 01.01.2019

There is still time to join us for the 3rd Synodic Period of this 8 year Venus Cycle

Live from The Avalon Rose Chapel®, I will guide you on the ancient Archetypal Journey of Soul Descent and Ascent with the Venus Cycle

This 19-Month Membership Programme is an opportunity to release all that no longer serves you so that you can step more fully into your power and manifest your dreams

The Venus Cycle
  • The Rose Moon Membership has been a guiding light of beauty and transformation, a safe sanctuary for my heart. Annabel shares such deep embodied knowledge regarding the Rose Lineage, each spoken word during her meditations transmitting straight to your soul. The journey through the Venus Cycle is deepening my connection with the Divine Feminine, with each circle shining light on new gifts buried within.Georgie Catling, The Rose Moon Membership
  • Being part of this Rose Moon Membership has been like coming home. Annabel's teachings and guided visualisations are exquisite, embodied and informed. For me this has been such a pleasure, as I feel these ancient wisdom teachings are being updated for our current times where we are being called to be of service in all aspects, from the hearth of our families to our work places and communities. A blessed gift!Filipa Miles, The Rose Moon Membership
  • Being part of the Rose Moon Membership has given me the opportunity to take part in sacred circle again, which is something that I love so much and have missed. I love the sense of community, and the wisdom that Annabel shares is truly priceless. She knows what she is talking about and I feel like new paths are opening up for me in my connection to the Divine. I feel so blessed to be a part of this circle.Elin Hejll, The Rose Moon Membership

The Avalon Rose Chapel®

Practitioner Training

The Avalon Rose Chapel® Practitioner Training is a 7 workshop, self-paced online programme, which can now be purchased and completed whenever suits you

Inspired by Annabel Du Boulay’s 30 years of academic research and lived embodied experience of the Avalon Rose Lineage, combined with her 17 years experience working as a transpersonal therapist and workshop facilitator, this in-depth training provides you with all the knowledge and skills you need to become an IPHM accredited Avalon Rose Chapel® Practitioner, licensed by the Chapel to deliver a course and workshops inspired by the Avalon Rose Lineage for the healing and empowerment of women

The Western Mystery Tradition

Whilst I was studying the Greek Myths and Medieval Women Mystics during my English degree in 1991, I asked the question “Why is God male?”.

I’ve since spent over 30 years on a quest exploring that question. It’s led me from the Isles of my Celtic Scottish and Irish ancestors, to the Black Madonna tradition of Southern Italy, to the Andean Path of Pachamama in Peru, to the sacred Rose Lineage Mount of Sinai, to Glastonbury and the Summerlands where I’m the Founder of The Avalon Rose Chapel®, which is available to hire for retreat groups of up to 12 guests.

On this quest, I’ve become an academic and experiential expert in the Western Mystery Tradition, specialising in peeling back the layers of patriarchal distortion to uncover the original pagan and Gnostic teachings of our ancestors, which have so much relevance today for those of us seeking a spiritual path outside the confines of patriarchal religion’s limitations.

I specialise in tracking these traditions from their origins in Africa and Neolithic Old Europe to Bronze Age Mesopotamia, the Levant and Egypt, to the Greco-Roman world and the early Christian Gnostics, who brought the Holy Grail to Glastonbury, where the Rose spiritual tradition united with that of Celtic Druidism on the ancient Isle of Avalon.

The Avalon Rose Lineage

6500 years ago, our Neolithic ancestors of the British Isles and Western Europe began building their megalithic monuments, many aligned as ritual resurrection chambers to the heliacal rising of the planet Venus and star Sirius, 1000 years before the Sumerians in Ancient Mesopotamia.

Sumeria is known as the ‘Cradle of Civilisation’ due to its creation of the art of writing. Its literature dates back to 2500 BCE was was written down in a collection of myths, epic tales, hymns and songs, some by the world’s first named author in history – Enheduanna, High Priestess of Inanna.

The primary Myth of the Descent and Ascent of Inanna was inspired by the cycle of the planet Venus, which creates the pattern of a Pentagram in the centre of a Celestial Rose, as featured in our logo since Beltane 2018 when The Avalon Rose Chapel® first opened its doors on the Isle of Avalon, Glastonbury.

The name given to the spiritual Wisdom tradition that evolved from this Venus Rose inspired mythos is the Rose Lineage, of which Mary Magdalene and Yeshua, as the later embodiment of the Venusian Black Goddess of Wisdom Sophia and her Sirian Bridegroom Christ ‘Kasista’, were Priestess and Priest.

I’ve spent 30 years tracking the Rose Lineage from its origins in Africa and Neolithic Old Europe to Bronze Age Mesopotamia, and then as it wove its way down through the Ancient Judaic, Egyptian and Greco-Romano cultures to the Early Christian Gnostics, who brought these spiritual Wisdom teachings, contained allegorically in the Holy Grail, back to the British Isles. Here, they wove together with those of Celtic Druidism on the ancient Isle of Avalon, Glastonbury in the Summerlands, which some believe once leant their name to Sumer in Ancient Sumeria.

This Wisdom tradition was kept alive by secret societies like the Knight’s Templar, and in hidden codes like the Tarot, after it was forced underground by the patriarchal Church, and remnants of it still survive within the Cult of the Black Madonna in Southern Italy, where I used to live and was initiated onto the path of the Rose Lineage in 1993.

The Venusian Pentagram is found in the centre of the Apple, the Fruit of Wisdom, and it is from these shared ancestral roots of honouring Venus, Sirius, the Rose, the Chalice-Grail, the Pentagram and the Apple of Wisdom, that the branches of the Rose and Celtic Druidic Lineages have blossomed in these sacred lands of Avalon, the Isle of Apples, from their singular Tree of Life, which I call The Avalon Rose Lineage.

My Programme of online trainings and in-person pilgrimage is a powerful way in which I facilitate your own experience of The Avalon Rose Lineage, energetically anchored in The Avalon Rose Chapel®, which is situated on an ancient island in the Great Lake of Avalon, on the Glastonbury Zodiac’s Isle of the Dog and beneath the Dog Star Sirius, and is available to hire for retreat groups of up to 12 guests.

The Gnostic’s passionate adoration of Sophia was known as Philosophia – the love of Sophia – a mystical communication with divine feminine wisdom, having little to do with the strictly intellectual, most often masculine, pursuit currently labeled ‘philosophy’
Zeena Schreck

The Black Goddess Sophia & Philosophia

‘Philosophy’ comes from the Greek Word ‘Philosophia’ meaning a ‘Love of Wisdom’

The Wisdom teachings of the Black Goddess Sophia flow down to us through the millennia, from the original black Mother Goddess of Africa to Mount Sinai and thence to Sumeria in Ancient Mesopotamia, before weaving their way down the Rose Lineage.

Sophia was honoured as Goddess of Wisdom by the Ancient Greeks and Gnostics, gnosis being the Greek noun for spiritual knowledge and mystical enlightenment.

The path of gnosis teaches us that we can return to the Rose Garden of Eden through the Sacred Marriage of our Soul, by healing the wounds that are preventing us from stepping into wholeness and sharing our unique gifts with the world.

Self-knowledge was considered the path to enlightenment in the Rose Lineage spiritual tradition, through which we not only reunite with our Self but also with the Divine as we experience it, be it a transcendent being or inner guide.

Sophia is an archetype of divine feminine wisdom that can be found in all religious and spiritual traditions, thus forming a bridge of peace and union between all faiths.

To the Gnostics and Pagans, she is the Black Goddess of Wisdom. In Christianity, she is God’s wisdom, the Bride whom King Solomon speaks of with such reverence. In Islam, she is Ruh. In Judaism, she is Hokmah and the Shekhinah. In Buddhism, she is Tara. And to Agnostics or Atheists, she is simply a philosophy of life.

The Myth of Sophia teaches us that darkness is not separate from light, that it is within the darkest times of our lives when we experience deep pain, loss and fear that the light of rebirth can guide us towards greater wisdom, strength, love and compassion – gifts that we can then share with our loved ones and communities.

It is a philosophy that helps us to accept and surrender to life’s challenges, trusting in ourselves and in life that every seemingly negative experience is an opportunity for us to heal, learn and grow along our path of gnosis.

Philosophia is the term I use for all my teachings I share on the Black Goddess Sophia, the Black Madonna tradition of Southern Italy, the Avalon Rose Lineage, and the Philosophia Wheel of the Year, inspired by the Celtic Wheel and Rose Mysteries.

Through my programme of online trainings and courses, and in-person pilgrimage, I invite you to peel back the layers of patriarchal distortion, explore your spiritual and mythological heritage, and engage with ancient soul-development tools and rituals designed to guide you along your own path of gnosis or self-knowledge.

The Serpent’s Tale

In 2009, I published my witch-burnings novel The Serpent’s Tale, which is set in Southern Italy, the land of the Black Madonna where I used to live, and follows a rural village’s fight to save its wise-woman from the fires of the Inquisition.

On an allegorical level, The Serpent’s Tale explores the Greek Myth of Demeter and Persephone, and later Gnostic Myth of the Black Goddess Sophia, inspired by my autobiographical experience of nursing my daughter Sophia Mary through 12 operations, which led me repeatedly on the Sophianic descent and ascent of the Soul.

The Serpent'sTale

Read my witch-burnings novel The Serpent's Tale, set in Southern Italy, the land of the Black Madonna, and embark on an inspiring journey of spiritual transformation rooted in the mythos of the Rose Lineage and the wisdom of the Black Goddess Sophia.

The HealingWomb

'The Healing Womb' Art Installation comprises of 4 archetypal paintings of the Mother of Loss (Hecate), Mother of Solitude (Lilith), Mother of Healing (Brigit) & Mother of Compassion (Kuan Yin), for women with womb wounding.


Annabel Du Boulay Shop Morocco Argan Oil B&W
Inspired by my travels, I have supported indigenous artisans and women's co-operatives in the Sinai (Bedouin), Peru (Quechua), Morocco (Berber) and the Native American pueblo tribes by selling their fairly-traded, handcrafted products through my Shop since 2014.


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