The Healing Womb – Kuan Yin Print

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‘Kuan Yin ~ Mother of Compassion ~ Water’

A3 print from Annabel Du Boulay’s ‘Healing Womb’ art installation

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Annabel Du Boulay’s art installation ‘The Healing Womb’ had its debut in 2012. Comprising of four 5’x4′ acrylic paintings of the archetypal Mother of Loss, Mother of Solitude, Mother of Healing & Mother of Compassion, the installation hung in the sacred space of The Glastonbury Gnostic Chapel, in which women gathered to share their stories in relation to child loss, childlessness, the challenges of mothering special needs children and pregnancy termination.

Annabel originally painted ‘Kuan Yin’ for all those who mother and care for children in the community. In ‘The Healing Womb’ Kuan Yin Workshop, we work with Her energies of compassion to support women who have experienced Pregnancy Termination.

Kuan Yin ~ Mother of Compassion ~ Water

I am Kuan Yin, Mother of Compassion, protector of the

weak and ill, guardian of children.

Drink from my sweet dew of wisdom and compassion.

Ride my dragon of strength and transformation.

Fill your heart with my unconditional love

so that, in service, you may fill the hearts of others.


A3 Print on card supplied with board in cello bag

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