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A unique 7″ incense bowl, hand-thrown from clay with an ash glaze

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A unique 7″ incense bowl, hand-thrown from clay with an ash glaze. Bespoke design to fit our abalone shells with a lip to hold our smudge bundles of herbs and my Owl logo imprinted on the base.

Perfect to fill with sand, rest an abalone shell in, light a charcoal disc and burn a variety of our mixed incenses, dried herbs, resins and smudge bundles. Use one of our Native American smudge feathers to cleanse and bless your space or people with the aromatic smoke.

Please note that the gallery of photos is to show how the incense bowl can be used with our other products. When you purchase this product, you will only receive the incense bowl.

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Weight486 kg
Dimensions19 × 18 × 5 cm



Please use sand in the bowl and an abalone shell to protect the surface of the bowl and reduce the heat when you burn charcoal. Burn combustible materials in a fully ventilated space and extinguish them fully. Keep away from children and pets. Avoid herbs and resins during pregnancy.


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