Winter Solstice and Great Conjunction blessings from the Isle of Avalon!

On this day, the Ancient Egyptian Sun-God Osiris died and was entombed, before the Mother Goddess Isis birthed the new Sun King Horus at midnight.

The Birthday of the Divine Child was then celebrated on the 25 Dec, allowing for 3 days in which the Sun seemed to stand still before growing once more – ‘Solstice’ from ‘sol’ (sun) and ‘sistere’ (to stand still).

The Mother Goddess who births the Divine Child is Virgin in that she is able to birth herself and her child through her own creative power – a metaphor for our ability to rebirth our own Divine Child Self each year through the Winter Solstice.

This Winter Solstice we have an even more powerful portal than usual through which to not only rebirth ourselves, but the New Earth, due to the alignment with the Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction.

At 10:02 GMT, I‘ll be anchoring the energies here in Avalon and tuning in with the Ceremony at Uluru, in the same way that I did on the 12 Jan Saturn-Pluto Conjunction, when I co-facilitated a ceremony in the centre of a labyrinth on Koh Phangan, Thailand, clearing the way for the Rainbow Serpent to flow from Gaia’s Solar Plexus Chakra at Uluru to her Heart Chakra in Glastonbury and beyond.

Now, at the completion of this Solar Year and the rebirth of the new, I find myself back in my home of Avalon, where I will be offering my prayers for the fulfilment of the Aboriginal lore, which prophecies that ‘perfection will spread throughout the world’, in the same way that this Winter Solstice and Great Conjunction are energetically creating a unique portal through which to rebirth ourselves and the New Earth, known in Revelations as the New Jerusalem, the Garden of Eden.

If you would like to journey more deeply through this portal, then please join me for The Twelve Pearl Gates from 25 Dec – 5 Jan, when we will be receiving guidance from the Sun King Yeshua, Magdalene, Michael, the Virgin Mother Mary, Brigit, Sirius, the Archangels and Archeia, in relation to the role our Soul has contracted to play in our co-creation of the New Earth at this pivotal moment in the Herstory of Gaia.

Photo: Winter Solstice in Avalon 2010 with my Priestess of Avalon Sisters

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