21 years ago today on 21 August 1999, I gave birth to Sophia Mary at 4:19pm.

During my labour with her, the Black Goddess Sophia appeared to me and each time my Soul left my body to be cradled in Her arms, I felt no pain.

Sophia was born with a life-threatening syndrome involving multiple parts of her body.

She had 4 hours of life-saving surgery when she was a day old and 12 further operations.

Whilst I wrote my novel The Serpent’s Tale, which is dedicated to her and to the Black Goddess Sophia, she led us both repeatedly on the Sophianic Descent of the Soul into the dark cave of fear and pain, until we both came to deeply embody the Myth of Sophia.

“A warrior born from the light to save me from the dark.” (TST)

This time last year, we came here to Tindari on the pilgrimage of the Black Madonna with Alessandra to celebrate our journey together before she left home for university in Bristol.

On the 14 August, the most important Festival of the Black Madonna, just as Venus hit Superior Conjunction in the darkest point of Her underworld journey, I cradled my beautiful daughter in the warm, amniotic waters of the womb-tomb of the Black Earth Mother in Tindari, and cried so many tears of gratitude and love for her and for it all.

This year, whilst Sophia is celebrating with her sister Jasmine and friends in Bristol, I have returned to Tindari to give thanks once more for the life of my daughter Sophia Mary, for all the wisdom she embodies and is bringing through to share with the world through her exquisite voice.

Last year, she took a quotation from my book and wrote “So Mama, I want you to ask yourself again…’If she [the Divine Mother] really existed, why would She allow my baby to suffer?’ I think you know the answer now.”

Yes, I know the answer now. You are the living embodiment of Sophia in all her dark and light aspects. You have the voice of an Angel, the beauty of Magdalena, the loving compassion of the Madonna, the fierce warrior energy of Lilith and the wisdom of Sophia.

On this day of the Heliacal Rise of Sirius in Glastonbury-Avalon, I deeply honour you and your Sirian Soul’s journey.

I love you so deeply
Mama ???

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