If you’ve been feeling depressed, isolated, in overwhelm, then the energies of this New Moon in Aries (12.04.21 @ 03:30 BST) and Her conjunction with Venus just 10 hours later at 13:06 BST, should usher in the energetic support you need to bravely start your gentle journey back out of the Underworld.

We have had the potent layering of the Spring Equinox, the blossoming and burgeoning of Springtime in the Northern Hemisphere, the rebirth of Venus as the Evening Star, the Paschal Rites with the Resurrection of the Sun-Son King, and now a New Moon in Aries blessing this Venus-Moon Conjunction with its fiery energy of new beginnings.

Sometimes, we can tarry too long in the shadows, often weighed down by the shackles of procrastination, especially if we hide in perfectionism.

There is a voice inside us that can say, “When I’ve healed this aspect of myself” or “When I’ve created balance in my life” or “When I’ve decluttered all my belongings”, THEN I’ll…open to meeting a partner, spend more time with the people I love, look for a more fulfilling way to work.

It is not our destiny to remain trapped in the Underworld. The archetypal journey of Descent and Ascent of the Soul is in continual motion.

In the Venus Cycle, we only spend 3 lunations in the Underworld, as portrayed in the Myth of the Descent of Inanna-Ishtar and its later Greco-Roman version of the Descent of Persephone-Proserpina.

In the Lunar Cycle, the moon only disappears for 3 days in the night’s skies.

In the Solar Cycle, the sun only appears to stand still for 3 days at the solstices.

These ancient foundations for the concept of the Trinity underpin an intrinsic part of its teachings for us – that the time of withdrawal to release, heal, reflect and come home to our Divine Child Self through our inner Sacred Marriage with Holy Wisdom Sophia ALWAYS leads by the laws of motion and change to a time of new beginnings.

There is nothing to wait for in order to begin again. You are perfect just as you are in all your wounded, messy, chaotic, unbalanced life. You are perfectly loveable right in this moment in all of your shadow and light.

It’s time to start to follow the Evening Star and to allow the fiery energies of Aries to guide you towards a new stage in your life.

Move confidently towards the New Dawn in your own unique way, however your Soul desires to dream that into being.

All the energies of Source, the Cosmos and Mother Earth are aligned with your rebirth right now.

Blessed be from Avalon
Annabel Du Boulay
Founder of The Avalon Rose Chapel®

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