Annabel Du Boulay Philosophia Wheel Samhain Raven Mother Poem

A poem to fill your hearts with hope on this cold, wintry evening by the fireside of Samhain.

Raven Mother

From the dark womb of life, she flies to me,

soaring on blackened wings scorched by the fires of creation.

Perched upon the lost shadows of my soul,

she whispers her prophecies of my dreams made manifest,

and guides me to the bloody battlefield,

where she gathers the white bones of my warrior-maiden.

Carrying them through the gateway of death,

there in the deep underworld of my grief and forgetting,

She weaves stitches of golden, star-filled light,

sewing my shadow to the serpentine skin of my soul.

Enfolded in her soft wings of wisdom,

Raven Mother flies me to freedom in the skies above.

© Annabel Du Boulay 2017 (please credit author when sharing)

With my love and blessings this Samhain

Annabel Du Boulay Signature



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