Annabel Du Boulay The Rose Lineage Sacred Marriage Retreat 2019


Bookings are now open to join me on a journey of reunion and rebirth at the Spring Equinox 23-24 March 2019


Book onto this retreat & receive a £55 voucher off The Path of the Gnostic Goddess Aug-Dec 2019

I look forward to journeying with you

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The Rose Lineage Sacred Marriage Retreat is an opportunity to journey with the ancient myths and deities of the Rose Lineage on the sacred Isle of Avalon

♥  The Rose Lineage Sacred Marriage Retreat is a non-residential weekend retreat held at the Spring Equinox on the sacred Isle of Avalon, where we will be working with the ancient deities and myths of the Rose Lineage

  The Spring Equinox and Easter are founded on the Resurrection mythologies of a far more ancient, esoteric pagan tradition called the Rose Lineage which flows down to us from Ancient Mesopotamia (5000BCE)

  On this retreat, we will be working with these ancient myths and rituals of the Descent and Resurrection in order to unite the feminine and masculine parts of our soul and psyche in the Sacred Marriage embodied in the divine union of Magdalene and Yeshua

  Come and receive their love, healing and guidance, and be reborn onto their path of the Rose Lineage at The Glastonbury Gnostic Chapel dedicated to them, and on the Isle of Avalon which is entwined with their energies

  Gift yourself the time to reconnect with your Soul, the Rose Lineage and Avalon within this powerful portal of reunion and rebirth at the Spring Equinox

  The weekend retreat costs only £120, is open to women and men, and everyone who attends will also receive a £55 voucher off The Path of the Gnostic Goddess in-person course (Aug-Dec 2019). Spaces are limited and the Spring Equinox is a popular weekend in Glastonbury, so please book your place and accommodation early to avoid disappointment.

“It is such a privilege to be able to receive Annabel’s profound wisdom, teaching and guidance which comes from a centre of pure love, held in a safe and nurturing environment. She has created such a sense of peace and serenity in a beautiful sacred space. To sit in circle with Annabel and the others, sharing our life stories and supporting one another is an absolute honour. Thank you, Annabel, with love and gratitude, for the gift of the Gnostic Centre and Chapel and its teachings. It is just what I was wishing for and these workshops are such life-changing and transformative experiences.”

Vena Bunker

Annabel Du Boulay Brigit Magdalene Retreat
Annabel Du Boulay Mary Magdalene Retreat
Annabel Du Boulay Brigit Retreat


 The Rose Lineage Sacred Marriage Retreat is right for you if the following resonates:

   I’m interested in the Rose Lineage with its beginnings in the Sumerian myths of Inanna and Dumuzi, the Ancient Egyptian Mysteries of Isis & Osiris, and the Gnostic Sacred Marriage of Magdalene & Yeshua

   I feel drawn to work with these ancient deities, mythologies and rituals in order to unite the feminine and masculine parts of my soul and psyche, thereby stepping more fully into my power and shining my light in the world

  I love the idea of spending a weekend journeying together as a circle using transpersonal and shamanic techniques such as guided meditation, creative expression and sacred ritual within The Glastonbury Gnostic Chapel dedicated to the deities of the Rose Lineage and on the sacred Isle of Avalon which is woven with their energies

   I’m interested in joining one of Annabel’s longer courses such as The Path of the Gnostic Goddess (the first year of The Priestess of Sophia-Magdalene Training) and would like to experience how she works by attending a weekend retreat

“I have just attended one of Annabel’s Gnostic workshops and it was wonderful, powerful and amazing! I have known Annabel for many years and because she always holds space with such love and strength, it allows for a very deep inner journey. I journeyed with the Gnostic deities and received profound information. I brought back pieces of myself that I did not even know were missing. Thank you, Annabel, for your integrity and beauty, and the beautiful new Chapel that provides for these types of transformative experiences.”

Susan Mare

Annabel Du Boulay Mary Magdalene Mural Glastonbury
Annabel Du Boulay Glastonbury Gnostic Chapel Altar
Annabel Du Boulay Glastonbury Jesus Mary Magdalene


Please read the following information carefully regarding dates, booking process and payment

   The dates of the retreat are Saturday 23 – Sunday 24 March 2019

   The times of the retreat are Saturday 10am-5pm and Sunday 10am-5pm with a 1 hour lunch break

   The cost of the retreat is £120

   A percentage of the course fee is used by my company to support The Glastonbury Gnostic Chapel, a charitable company which provides low cost therapeutic services to people in need

  Payment can be made via BACS, PayPal or credit/debit card over the phone

  Spaces are limited and the Spring Equinox is a busy weekend in Glastonbury, so please book your place and accommodation as soon as possible to avoid disappointment

   Please make sure you have read and agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

I’m really looking forward to gathering a beautiful circle together for this deeply healing and transformative journey

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“I have had an amazing experience. Our 3 days together were intense, inspiring, enlightening and empowering. I feel like I have found the part of me that has been trying to emerge for a long time. Thank you for being the person that supported me on this journey.”

CJB – Reunion with the Self Retreat, Chalice Well, Glastonbury

Annabel Du Boulay Venus Chalice Well
Annabel Du Boulay Chalice Well Yoni
Annabel Du Boulay Sacred Marriage Warrior


As a Gnostic Expert and Priestess of Sophia-Magdalene, I have been following a Gnostic path for over 25 years. Launching The Glastonbury Gnostic Centre & Chapel on Beltane 2018 was the culmination of my life’s journey with Gnosticism through the union of my expert knowledge with my own path of gnosis, or individuation, through the repeated descent and rebirth of my Soul:

   as a child with my grandfather, Master of a Masonic Lodge, who inspired my fascination with the Ancient Egyptian mysteries and my Gnostic bloodline

   in my early twenties through my devotion to Mother Mary and the Black Madonna whilst living in Southern Italy

  studying for my MSc and MPhil degrees, specialising in the Feminine Divine within Paganism (Goddess Thealogy) and Gnosticism (Feminist Theology)

  my initiation onto the path of Sophia-Magdalene in 1999 through the birth of my daughter Sophia-Mary with a life-threatening syndrome and multiple disabilities, requiring life-saving surgery at birth and a further 11 operations, which led me repeatedly on the Gnostic descent of the soul into the cave of the Black Goddess and my rebirth back into the light of Sophia

  my priestess path on the sacred Isle of Avalon, Glastonbury since 2000, working with the Gnostic energies of Sophia, Magdalene, Yeshua, Mary, Archangel Michael and Brigit

  the 9 year cycle of writing and publication in 2009 of my Gnostic novel The Serpent’s Tale, set in the village of Santa Sofia in sixteenth century Italy at the time of the witch-burnings

  my pilgrimages to Mount Sinai on my 35th birthday in 2007 and on my 40th birthday in 2012

  the birth of my severely disabled son Zac in 2009, 2 years to the exact date and hour that I arrived at the summit of Mount Sinai in 2007

  my initiation into another 9 year cycle of repeated descent and rebirth through nursing Zac on the bridge between life and death, including resuscitating him several times a day for months

  the launch this year of The Glastonbury Gnostic Centre & Chapel, marking the end of the sacred 19 year cycle since my daughter Sophia Mary was born and the 9 year cycle since my son Zac was born

  I know and trust that all the challenges my children and I have survived have led me to this point where I now have the strength, wisdom and compassion to birth The Glastonbury Gnostic Centre and Chapel; to be conscious of leading from a place of truth, humility and integrity; and to use all the gifts I have gained from my journey with Sophia-Magdalene to guide others on their path of gnosis.

I look forward to guiding you on your journey with the Gnostic Goddesses

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“I recently took part in Annabel’s Gnostic Workshop and had an absolutely wonderful experience. What I loved most was the welcome balance of so many powerful aspects. Annabel is a scholar of Gnostic wisdom and this was clear in her fascinating presentation. I enjoyed learning so much about the Gnostic deities, but we also had deep and beautiful meditations which have given me lots of food for thought! It was a truly educational and healing workshop…I can’t wait for more!

Laura Daligan