Today at 14:00 BST, journey with me into Hecate’s Womb of Sacred Loss to honour all that has been returned to Mother Earth, to grieve for all that has been lost, to receive healing for all those shadow places of suffering, and to find the light of hope deep within Her dark tomb-womb of death and rebirth.

Hecate’s Womb of Sacred Loss is a FREE Fringe Event I’ve created for this year’s online Earth Mother Goddess Conference, although we welcome donations to my disabled son Zac Du Boulay’s JustGiving fund for Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children.

This is a special, pre-recorded experiential immersion into The Healing Womb, with guided journeys, prayer and song, which will also be available to enter into throughout the Conference as a place of refuge and healing – a Sanctuary for Sacred Loss.

Hecate, Mother of Earth, Mother of Loss, was the 1st in the cycle of 4 paintings that formed The Healing Womb art installation, which I created for the Goddess Conference 2012, inspired by my experience of mothering 3 children, 2 of whom were born with life-threatening syndromes and multiple disabilities, who I have nursed through 19 operations.

During the many months I lived on neonatal intensive care and paediatric surgical wards, I became aware of the depth of women’s suffering and untold stories.

I created The Healing Womb as a sacred space in which women could gather to share their stories in relation to child loss, childlessness, the challenges of mothering special needs children and pregnancy termination.

However, the guided journeys I have created for this immersion are generic in that they’re not specific to the womb wounding associated with each painting. They are simply gateways through which to meet with each Mother to receive her guidance and healing, and therefore open to everyone who feels moved to journey with:

Hecate – Mother of Loss – Mother of Earth
Lilith – Mother of Solitude – Mother of Air
Brigit – Mother of Healing – Mother of Fire
Kuan Yin – Mother of Compassion – Mother of Water

With blessings from the Sanctuary of Sacred Loss
Annabel Du Boulay

Song – Sophia Du Boulay

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