The Glastonbury Gnostic Centre hosts workshops, courses and events that are influenced by Gnosticism and supports The Glastonbury Rose Chapel in its provision of low-cost services to those in need.

Its goal is to support people on their path of gnosis, or self-knowledge, through the archetypal descent of their Soul and its return to the Divine Child Self through the Sacred Marriage of the divine feminine and sacred masculine within the Self, a process Jung termed ‘Individuation’

We welcome applications from practitioners, speakers or artists who are interested in The Glastonbury Gnostic Centre hosting their relevant workshops, courses or events


The Centre’s teachings are inspired by Gnosticism and the Rose Lineage, including:

  • The shamanic traditions of Ancient Mesopotamia and their worship of the Semitic goddesses Asherah, Inanna, Ishtar and Astarte, associated with the eight year cycle of the planet Venus
  • Esoteric Judaism and Mount Sinai, the Shekinah, King Solomon’s Sophia and Asherah, the Kabbalah’s ‘Tree of Life’ and Astrology
  • Ancient Egypt, the Isis-Osiris Mysteries, Hathor, Sekhmet and Sirius
  • The Ancient Greco-Roman Goddesses Sophia, Athena-Minerva, Artemis-Diana, Aphrodite-Venus, Cybele and Philosophia
  • The Hermeticists, the Alchemists, Hypnotism and Mesmerism (healing energy)
  • Taoism, Tantra, Kundalini and the Chakras
  • Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, the Black Madonna, the Gnostic Goddesses and the Early Christian Gnostics
  • The Cathars, the Templars and the Freemasons
  • The Tarot, the Arthurian Grail, the Celtic Grail, the Wheel of the Year and the Sacred Marriage
  • Jung, Depth Psychology and the Path of Individuation
  • I have just attended one of Annabel's Rose Lineage workshops and it was wonderful, powerful and amazing! I journeyed with the Gnostic Goddesses and received profound information. I brought back pieces of myself that I did not even know were missing. Thank you, Annabel, for your integrity and beauty, and the beautiful Chapel that provides for these types of transformative experiences.Susan Mare, The Rose Lineage Workshop
  • Annabel’s wonderful teaching style combines history, theory, myth, legend, visualisations, imaginal journeys, pilgrimages and creative expression, covering the Rose Lineage from the cradle of civilisation across the millennia. I have loved all of it, learning about the goddesses and priestess traditions of the lineage, and learning about myself, and remembering my soul journey across the millennia. I was really drawn to this teaching, and I am so happy that I followed my instinct. It has been so much better even than I could have imagined, and I have met (or maybe reconnected with, in this incarnation) a wonderful new community of priestess and priest sisters and brothers. This process has truly changed and enriched my life.

    Donna Gerard, Avalon Rose Priestess Training
  • The training has gone so far beyond my expectations - I came into it with a very open mind and very little expectation, but I feel it has so dramatically transcended anything I could have imagined with the depth of the experiences I have had. It has transformed my life for the better, it has been so affirming, challenging, inspiring and grounding. I have SO enjoyed the style of teaching and learning within the course, and I would highly recommend working with Annabel to anyone who wants to learn more about the Rose Lineage on a deeper level.Darcie Kermode, Avalon Rose Priestess Training


Our word ‘philosophy’ comes from the ancient Greek word ‘philosophia’ meaning ‘a love of wisdom’, Sophia being the Greek and Gnostic Goddess of Wisdom. Philosophia is the term I use for all my teachings I share on Gnosticism and the Rose Lineage.

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