For many of us, the pandemic and lockdowns have forced us to let go of holding on tightly to dreams that we thought were destined to be made manifest. It has given us time for reflection, to re-evaluate our lives and dreams.

I, too, have been going through a process of deconstruction and rebirth, although like the Wheel of the Year that guides us, my seeds of new dreams and manifestations are still germinating in the womb-tomb of the Black Earth Mother Goddess, who I have been working deeply with in the past few weeks whilst preparing my Queens’ Round Table teachings on Demeter.

I don’t yet have clarity on exactly what my future holds, either personally or professionally, I am still waiting patiently like The Hanged Man of the Tarot for Source, my Guides and my Soul to light the way.

But what I do know, deep inside my Womb, is that I need time to create. For the last few years, my energies have been devoted to my roles as Queen and Mother, building and tending to my Realm at the same time as caring for my three children.

Although I am truly blessed that I earn my living by doing what I love, that is teaching and guiding others on their own Path of Gnosis through the Rose Lineage mythos, I am at heart a Creative, who needs time to withdraw into her Cave to create.

So I have made a decision, guided by Demeter, to set my inner Queen Creatrix free and to dedicate the next couple of months to creative expression, alongside my existing teaching commitments in my Rose Moon Membership and Avalon Rose Priestess Training.

So instead of sharing in-depth posts guiding you on the mythological, astrological and lunar cycles of the year, I’m going to be sharing my Path of Creativity with you.

I hope you will join me and that your own inner Creatrix will in turn feel inspired. This is the perfect time of the year for us to retreat into our Cave of Creativity in the weeks between Imbolc and the Spring Equinox.

In this photo, you can see the art studio I have just carved out of a corner of my sitting-room, with a half-finished painting that’s been waiting patiently in the garage for me to bring to life. Are there any corners of your home you could turn into your own Cave of Creativity?

To start us off and, in honour of my Scottish ancestors and Burns Night, when the Scottish poet Robert Burns is celebrated, I’m going to be sharing a poem each day this week in the lead up to Imbolc on 1 February – the Festival of the Rose-Celtic Goddess Brigit, Patroness of Poetry and Muse of the Bards.

Please join me either here on my IG page, where you’re very welcome to share your poems in the comments below my posts, or join us in my private Facebook Group – The Avalon Rose Circle where I will be sharing unique posts about my creative journey and where you are so welcome to share your own so that we can inspire each other.

This creative journey is free to take part in and open to all – I just want to bring some light, like Brigit and Sophia, into this dark Cave of Winter we find ourselves in, and hopefully to inspire your own inner magical, creative Divine Child Self and Queen Creatrix Self, as I give full expression to my own.

With all my love from Avalon

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