Annabel Du Boulay Isle of Avalon Beltane

Beltane Blessings!

Beltane Blessings from the Isle of Avalon, Heart ❤️ Chakra of the world, celebrating the Sacred Marriage of the Red & White serpentine waters of Goddess & God, Feminine & Masculine. May we all rise in the unity of our true selves, in relation and in community with one another, in full recognition and honour […]

Annabel Du Boulay Shamanic Path Peruvian Amazon Tribe

When my Shamanic Path Began

Throwback Thursday…to when my shamanic path began over twenty years ago in 1995. With the matriarch of a tribe in the Peruvian Amazon following an Ayahuasca ceremony. She gifted me a fertility doll which is still one of my most sacred, shamanic tools. She sits on my altar and has been held by many female […]

Annabel Du Boulay Distant Healing Prayers Winter Solstice Unity

Distant Healing Prayers

I will be sending my distant healing prayers this evening – praying to the Gnostic Trinity of Sophia, Jeshua and Mary Magdalene, as well as Archangel Michael for their love, healing and comfort. After a week that has been focussed globally on unity and human rights, I pray especially for world peace through love, acceptance, […]

Annabel Du Boulay Blog Winter Solstice Campaign Global Warming

The Best Way We Can Protect Mother Earth

We must protect Mother Earth and Her creatures for our children. This week has been British Science Week, during which I signed an Avaaz pledge to eat less meat. “Our meat consumption isn’t just fueling mass animal torture, it’s killing our planet! Livestock contributes more to global warming than all cars, planes and buses worldwide, […]