Praying at St Nectan’s Well in the little hamlet of Stoke, Devon, at this time of Imbolc, dedicated to the Celtic goddess Bride of the Healing Springs.

The Well is believed to be the site of the hermitage of the 5th century Celtic saint, St Nectan, where many miracles have taken place.

Annabel Du Boulay The Du Boulay Tribe St Nectans Well

After climbing down the rocky stream through the ancient woodland to the Well, the children and I took it in turns to pray.

Annabel Du Boulay Zac Praying St Nectans Well

I gave thanks for all the blessings in our lives, prayed for the many people I know and those throughout the world who are suffering.

I prayed for healing and unity and peace in our global village.

But mostly, I prayed for the healing of the waters, the wells, rivers and oceans, and for everything that dwells within them.

And then I sang the song I wrote for Bride, especially this verse:

Oh Bridie, sweet bride
Goddess of Springs
I can feel your breath
Upon the swan’s wings
May your waters of healing
Purify my Soul
And your serpent and wolf
Protect us all.

Blessed Be

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