Annabel Du Boulay Philosophia Wheel Samhain Remembering the Animals Weve Loved and Lost

Samhain is a time of remembering not only the people we’ve loved and lost, but also our furry-friends.

This beautiful, little kitten is Bob – a birthday present from my daughter in November 2015 to cheer me up after my beloved cat Dave was killed.

Dave was the biggest cat you’ve ever seen – he weighed more than my Jack Russell dog. We adopted him and his brother Stomper as kittens from a rescue centre after some builders (called Dave & Stomper ;)) found them on a building site.

Annabel Du Boulay Philosophia Wheel Samhain Cats

Dave was the alpha and ruled the house, even bossing the dog around, who he would play-fight with.

When I returned from a long buying trip in New Mexico, he lay on my bed with his paw in my hand and purred for hours.

One evening, I remember stroking his head and thinking to myself: “I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

Annabel Du Boulay Philosophia Wheel Samhain Cat

That was the last time I saw him. He was found two days later in a neighbour’s garden, trying to make his way home after having been hit by a car.

I was devastated. My daughter searched for days for another black kitten to give me on my birthday.

Bob arrived and slept in her bedroom at a time when she was feeling very alone, and gave her so much love and comfort.

Then one year after Dave was killed, Bob was also killed by a car on the same bend, despite our house being nowhere near the road with a garden that backs onto endless fields.

I always try to find a reason for why sad and painful things happen, to find the light within the dark, but I still can’t make sense of why they had to be taken from us. We miss them so much.

With my love to those of you who have loved, lost and miss your furry-friends.

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