I will be sending my distant healing prayers this evening – praying to the Gnostic Trinity of Sophia, Jeshua and Mary Magdalene, as well as Archangel Michael for their love, healing and comfort 🙏

Let me know below if you would like me to pray for you or a loved one 🙏

From the Isle of Avalon, Heart Chakra of the World ❤️

Annabel Du Boulay Signature
Gnostic Priestess of Sophia-Magdalene & Avalon

This is an excerpt from the stunning icon of St Mary Magdalene of Glastonbury that lived in St Margaret’s Chapel for many years, now gifted to me by its iconographer – my dearest friend and icon tutor John. So blessed and honoured to be the guardian of this powerful, sacred icon for pilgrims who visit Glastonbury ❤️🙏🌟 xxx


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