The Asteroid 318 Magdalena’s 3 day conjunction with the Sun (6-8 September) reaches its zenith today, amplifying the energies of the Sacred Marriage created by Venus entering Leo yesterday.

The Divine Union of Magdalena with Yeshua as the Son-Sun King is the later Gnostic representation of the most ancient, primary mythos of the Rose Lineage.

As the human embodiment of the Divine Feminine Sophia and the Christos, Magdalena and Yeshua’s Sacred Union creates the Yonic Gateway of the Vesica Pisces through which we can re-enter the Garden of Eden to reunite with our Divine Child Self – our True Essence, the Holy Grail.

With our conscious Hieros Gamos, both within ourselves and with our Beloved, we create the Sacred Pause through which we can Return to the Self, to the pure expression of our Soul in the Now moment, when all egoic attachment falls away and we commune through the Essence of our Being.

There is nothing more liberating than two Souls meeting, witnessing and honouring each other in a transcendental moment in time, blessed by the Divine.

And one of the most powerful ways in which we can do this is through our love-making.

So on this day of the astronomical Sacred Marriage of Magdalena with Her Sun King, take some time to honour your Self, your Soul and your Body through Self-Pleasure or Making Love with your Beloved.

With my love from Avalon
Annabel Du Boulay ?☀️?
Founder of The Avalon Rose Chapel

We will be working with the Sacred Marriage of Magdalene & Yeshua during our next workshop in my online Avalon Rose Priestess Training on the Autumn Equinox (22 September), when the doors will finally close, so if you would still like to join us this year, please apply here.

Stunning artwork ‘The Alchemical Wedding’ by Emily Balivet

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