Paschal Blessings! Join me for The Avalon Rose Chapel Resurrection Rites this Good Friday and Holy Saturday, the most powerful portal through which to rebirth ourselves and our global community through the Resurrection Rites of the Rose Lineage.

The Easter Paschal Mystery of Yeshua is founded on our ancestors’ most ancient Palaeolithic Lunar Myth of the descent of the waning moon into the dark void and its reappearance in the night skies after 3 days.

This original myth of descent and rebirth was then amplified by the Bronze Age Ancient Mesopotamian reverence of the Venus Cycle with Her 7 waning moons and 7 waxing moons which inspired the Myth of the Descent of Inanna-Ishtar.

This concept was then manifested in physical form through the 7-level labyrinths of Ancient Egypt and Crete, with evidence of 7 women & 7 men co-creating a spiral dance through which to enact the descent/death and ascent/rebirth.

These ancient Resurrection Rites of the Rose Lineage flowed down the millennia to become the foundation for this weekend’s Easter Rites of Yeshua’s death and resurrection.

This year, as our global community continues to move through a death initiation into the co-creation of a new Path of Love, I am offering these Resurrection Rites on behalf of The Avalon Rose Chapel by donation, with 100% of all proceeds being donated to Unseen – the UK’s foremost charity against Slavery and Human Trafficking, for whom I am a Speaker and Fundraiser.

Last year, we raised £2,500! This year, we’ve raised £2,200 so far! Let’s try and beat last year’s total and support the safe houses in Bristol where survivors of horrific sex trafficking are being given refuge and support to rebuild their lives.

On Good Friday, we will descend the 7 Stations of the Cross, founded on the 7 Gates of Venus-Inanna-Ishtar and the 7 Levels of the Labyrinth, with Yeshua, Magdalene and the Rose Holy Family.

Then on Holy Saturday, the Easter Vigil will begin after sundown. In the darkness, a new fire will be kindled and blessed. From this fire, the Paschal Candle will be lit to symbolise the light of Sophia-Christos shining in the darkness of death and suffering, the light of each of our Souls that shines so brightly.

It is this light that will guide you up the 7 Gates of Ascent and rebirth you from the Tomb-Womb of the Black Goddess Sophia through the Resurrection of yourSelf, our global community and the New Earth we are co-creating, founded in the peace, love, compassion, forgiveness, strength, courage, wisdom, humility and respect embodied in the Sacred Marriage of Magdalene and Yeshua.

In honour and devotion to Yeshua, his sacrifice as the Son-Sun God, his Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, his “Beloved Disciple” and Koinonos.

Annabel Du Boulay
Founder of The Avalon Rose Chapel
Rose Priestess of Avalon

‘Magdalene & Jesus’ by Cheryl Yambrach Rose with All Rights Reserved by Annabel Du Boulay 2020

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