Annabel Du Boulay The Spring Equinox Dragon Serpent

On St George’s Day, I celebrate the Serpent-Dragon of Goddess Wisdom who can never be tamed!

So this is the final week of the 6 weeks of the Spring Equinox, the pagan festival honouring the balance of light and dark hours, that has been celebrated throughout the world by many cultures since ancient times.

And it begins today on St George’s Day – the patron saint of England, who is most commonly depicted as a brave knight on a mighty steed slaying a dragon.

Those of us who specialise in pagan mythology know, however, that this image is symbolic of patriarchal religion’s attempt to subdue and control the power of Goddess paganism.

The dragon has always been an extension of the serpent, the symbol of Goddess wisdom, and embodies the dark, chthonic, chaotic energies of the waters that dwell deep within Mother Earth, Goddess and women. It is that part of us that cannot be subdued or controlled, and thus it is feared by those who seek to have power over others.

Patriarchal religion attempted to destroy Goddess paganism with its sword, but the energies of the serpent-dragon are far too powerful, as Mother Earth shows us each time she creates a tsunami or lava pours out from Her womb.

This week, let’s take some time to look within and to reclaim that raw, elemental, powerful aspect of ourselves that dwells deep in our root and sacral chakras, in our connection to Mother Earth and Goddess, in our wombs and their relation to the lunar cycle and the depths of the tidal waters.

Let’s remember that no matter what or who tries to have power over us, we have the strength to rise and rise like the serpent-dragons we are!

Blessed Be

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