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Allow your heart to expand in full trust that it is safe to love and to be loved.

This is Week 2 of the 7 weeks of Beltane, the Celtic fire festival held on the 1 May in celebration of the fertility of the land, and dedicated to Rhiannon, Goddess of Love, Fertility, Sexuality and Sensuality.

This Tuesday, on the 8 May, it was my daughter Jasmine’s birthday, when I celebrated all the gifts that her Soul brings to share with the world, especially the gift of teaching me to trust again in life.

The 8 May was actually the original date for Beltane celebrations in England, and is still celebrated as Flora Day in Helston, Cornwall, so Jasmine is a true babe of Beltane and flower fairy!

On the same day, I sadly attended the funeral of a friend who was my age and tragically died of cancer after a long, courageous fight. She left a beautiful teenage daughter who sung with such exquisite grace and strength in honour of her mother. It was deeply moving and poignant.

And it reminded me that Beltane sits opposite Samhain on the Wheel, the Festival of Death and Transformation, for love, death, loss and birth are so entwined as to be inseparable.

The more we fear loss and death, the more we close our hearts to loving. Out of protection, we put up barriers to protect ourselves from feeling sadness and grief from separation.

When my disabled son was living on the bridge between life and death, I realised that I was unconsciously emotionally detaching from him in order to protect myself from the pain of his potential loss. The greatest gift he has brought me is to crack open my heart and show me how to fully love in spite of my fears of separation, loss and abandonment, even through death.

This week, let’s take some time to reach out to our loved ones, to really honour them and consciously become aware of our hearts expanding that little bit more in full trust that it is safe to love and to be loved.

Blessed be

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