Always you are love and you are loved.

This is Week 1 of the 7 weeks of Beltane, the Celtic fire festival held on the 1 May in celebration of the fertility of the land, and dedicated to Rhiannon, Goddess of Love, Fertility, Sexuality and Sensuality.

Having journeyed with Rhiannon since I became consciously aware of her archetypal energies in 2002, I have explored many aspects of Her within myself.

In my twenties and thirties, I embodied more of Her sexual and sensual characteristics, whereas now my thoughts turn more to asking: “What is love?” and “What does it truly mean to love with an open heart?”

I am still on the path of discovering this – in some moments, or on some days, I find myself able to surrender, to feel my heart expanding and filling with love for all beings. And yet, at other times, when I feel disconnected from my Soul and Spirit, I can still find it a challenge to feel loving towards certain individuals, namely people who have hurt me or my loved ones.

And I think this is OK – we are human after all. We just need to keep trying and, piece by piece, our heart expands a little more.

To help us on this journey of surrendering to love, it’s important to become aware of all the barriers we unconsciously put up to protect our hearts from feeling the pain of separation, loss and abandonment.

Take some time this week to meditate and journal, asking yourself the question “how might I be blocking love from flowing in and out of my life?” Then visualise golden, healing light flowing in and out of your Heart chakra as you call to Rhiannon, Goddess of Love, to fill your heart with her Beltane fire and heal any wounds that are preventing you from fully loving and allowing yourself to be fully loved.

Blessed be this Beltane

Annabel Du Boulay Signature