The Serpent’s Tale Imbolc Immersion 2024

A 4-Day Online Immersion through the Imbolc, Candlemas and Time of Manifestation Portal, working with the myths, archetypes and deities featured in my novel The Serpent’s Tale to ignite your creative Path of Manifestation, with a BONUS live Imbolc Masterclass and 4 Transpersonal Workshops designed to empower you to work with your Creative Self and embark on your unique path of Soul expression

£97.00 inc. VAT

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You’ll have access to all the online content & Masterclass recording until 20.03.24

the most creative gift for your Soul

this online Immersion is the most powerful way in which to journey with your Creative Self, free yourself from any blocks, embody your gnosis, and empower yourself to embark on your unique path of Soul Expression

is this Immersion right for you?

The Serpent’s Tale Imbolc Immersion is right for you if you’d like to harness the powerfully creative energies of the Imbolc, Candlemas & ‘Time of Manifestation’ portal, in order to…

  • Receive healing & guidance from Brigid, Goddess of Imbolc
  • Be ignited by your Divine Magical Child’s spark of inspiration
  • Gain clarity on what your Creative Self wants to create
  • Allow the Wolf Goddess to liberate you from any creative blocks
  • Transform your shadow into light with Sophia, Lady Alchemia
  • Empower yourself on your Path of Gnosis and Soul Expression

whilst working with the Four Fires of Imbolc – Fire of the Hearth, Fire of Inspiration, Fire of Purification & Fire of the Forge –  to alchemise the ‘lead’ of your life experience into the ‘gold’ of your gnosis to share with the world

by the end of the Immersion, you’ll have

  • Connected deeply with your Creative Self
  • Healed any limiting, creative blocks
  • Transformed your life experience into your light of gnosis
  • Gained clarity on exactly what you want to create
  • Formulated a manifestation plan of creative steps
  • Stepped forward with a clear creative vision and plan
  • Annabel holds a very safe container and has a very deep understanding of human conflict and vulnerability. She supports a strong healing and creative process by sharing her wisdom in a gentle, non-invasive way with clarity and authenticity. Through these Workshops, I deepened my knowledge of Brigid and Sophia, and their ability to heal and transform our shadow into light. I also gained a much clearer understanding of myself and what I want to create in my life.Koko Newport, The Serpent’s Tale Workshops

my Immersions have been attended by hundreds of inspired clients…

“I have travelled so far and wide in this latest Immersion! So many glorious messages and so much specific guidance! Resurrection has happened, and I am honoured to be taking part in this well-crafted and deeply heartfelt journey. Your generous work has inspired a healing shockwave. Again, thank you. I love this work and I stand in love and gratitude for our connection.” Jamie Day

“Thank you so much for your gift of this Immersion! I’m getting so much out of it and am deeply engaged with the process. Being in tune with the energies and my guides has been a huge source of steadiness and support.” Rosi Lalor

“I’d just like to say thank you! I felt the deep significance of entering this Immersion as I listened to you speak and, more so, as I felt your energy. I have gained such clarity around my next steps. The stark difference between two experiences was even more powerful for me because I knew they had happened to show me ‘the old me’ before entering the Immersion and ‘the new me’. And now having been through the portal with you, I can write freely about my experiences. Thank you for all you have done for us.” Ali

“So inspired by the work I am currently doing with Annabel Du Boulay in her incredible Immersion.” Alice Grist

“It has been such an honour to be guided by you and to be on this amazing journey.” Nhi Nhi Le


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31 Jan ~ Goddess of Healing

Fire of the Hearth

We begin our immersion on Imbolc Eve, when our ancestors traditionally lit their hearth-fire, wove a special cross from rushes in honour of the Celtic Goddess Brigid, and hung out a piece of cloth in the hope that she would bless it with her healing touch whilst her Spirit walked the Earth this night

1 Feb ~ Maiden Goddess

Fire of Inspiration

We have our BONUS live Masterclass on Imbolc, the Celtic Fire Festival dedicated to the Celtic Maiden Goddess Bridie, who is our most powerful guide in working with our Divine Magical Child Self and their Spark of Inspiration

For those of you joining the Immersion after 1 Feb, you’ll have access to the Masterclass recording

2 Feb ~ Goddess of Creativity

Fire of Purification

On the Magdalene encoded 02/02, we celebrate the Feast of Candelora (Candlemas), founded on the ancient Festival of Lupercalia dedicated to the Wolf Goddess and God, when my book The Serpent’s Tale begins and ends, whose teachings guide us onto our Path of Creative and Soul Freedom

3 Feb ~ Lady Alchemia

Fire of the Forge

On this day, we work with the Black Goddess Sophia and Brigid, Goddess of Smithcraft, in their embodiment as Lady Alchemia, who holds the power to transform lead into gold, our shadow suffering into the light of our gnosis to share with the world

Plus these Bonuses…

  • A BONUS live Imbolc Masterclass from The Philosophia Wheel Programme valued at £47 (and the recording)
  • Imbolc Immersion Workbook in which to write all the creative inspiration and guidance you receive
  • 33% Coupon Code off all Retail Products until 20.03.24
  • £47 discount off The Philosophia Wheel Programme 2024

in this Immersion, you’ll receive…

  • A BONUS live Imbolc Masterclass from The Philosophia Wheel Programme valued at £47 (and the recording)
  • 4 Transpersonal Workshops to guide you through the Imbolc, Candlemas & Time of Manifestation Portal
  • Imbolc Immersion Workbook in which to write down all the inspiration and guidance you receive
  • 33% Discount off all Retail Products until 20.03.24
  • £47 Discount off The Philosophia Wheel Programme 2024

all for just £97

You’ll have access to all the online content & Masterclass recording until 20.03.24


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How does the Imbolc Immersion work?

On purchase of the Imbolc Immersion, you will receive a welcome email with all the information – please check your spam folder

You’ll receive an email each day from 31 Jan to 3 Feb @ 09:00 GMT giving you access to that day’s Transpersonal Workshop in the online portal, with our Bonus live Masterclass on 1 Feb @ 20:00 GMT

The live Masterclass will be recorded and available to watch in the online portal within 24 hours

Each day’s workshop will take you a couple of hours to complete, and you’ll have access to all the online content until 20 March 2024, which gives you an additional 6 weeks to work your way through the material

How can I use my BONUS 33% discount off retail products?

In your Welcome email, you will find your special bonus coupon code, which you can use as many times as you would like against any retail product purchases (except Remo drums) until 20 March 2024

How can I use my BONUS £47 discount off The Philosophia Wheel Programme 2024?

Look out for your email giving you Early Bird Access to The Philosophia Wheel Programme 2024 with your special bonus coupon code to redeem your £47 discount

What is your refund policy?

In line with our terms, the Imbolc Immersion is non-refundable owing to it being a low-cost, digital product

Your Guide

  • I studied the Greco-Roman myths in 1991 as part of my English degree, when I was first introduced to the Myth of Demeter and Persephone, founded on the earlier Lunar and Venusian Myth of the Descent and Ascent of the Soul, which my novel The Serpent’s Tale explores as well as the later Gnostic Myth of Sophia
  • I learned about the Feast of Candelora (Candlemas), its foundation on the ancient Festival of Lupercalia and the teachings of the Wolf Goddess, who is one of my primary guides, in 1993-96 whilst living in Southern Italy
  • I completed my MSc degree and PhD research in 1996-9, where I compared Goddess Thealogy in Paganism with Feminist Theology in Christianity, exploring the Divine Feminine from the origins of her worship as the Black Earth Mother Goddess in Africa and Palaeolithic ‘Old Europe’, to the appropriation and manipulation of her mythos by patriarchal religion
  • This is when I first began studying and working with the Rose-Celtic Goddess Brigit and Sophia, Black Goddess of Wisdom, who became our family’s primary guides, and who are both the embodiment of Lady Alchemia
  • As I poured this research into the writing of my historical witch-burnings novel The Serpent’s Tale, my own daughter Sophia Mary led me repeatedly on the Sophianic Descent and Ascent of the Soul whilst I nursed her through 12 operations, until we became the living embodiment of the Gnostic Myth of Sophia
  • I deliberately began and ended my novel on 2 February at the Feast of Candelora, when the old storyteller Luca, the embodiment of the Wolf’s energy, explains the original purpose for the purification rites of the Festival of Lupercalia, which Candelora is founded upon
  • On Imbolc 2002, I had to miss the Imbolc circle of my Priestess of Avalon training with the Glastonbury Goddess Temple as my daughter Sophia had surgery. Whilst in hospital, I wrote a song ‘Bridie, Sweet Bride’, which features in my novel and has been sung ever since by the children of Glastonbury – you can listen to my daughter Sophia singing the song in the video below, filmed at the Maiden Glastonbury Goddess Conference in 2006.
  • On Imbolc 2010, my disabled son Zac had his life-saving surgery whilst the Glastonbury Goddess Temple prayed and sent distant healing to him during their Ceremony
  • On Imbolc 2011, my daughter Sophia sung the song that I wrote by her hospital bedside in 2002, on the steps of the Glastonbury Goddess Temple, before leading our community through Glastonbury, carrying the Flame of Bridie
  • In 2012, as a way of coming to terms with my experience of nursing my son on the bridge between life and death, I painted ‘The Healing Womb’ Art Installation of 4 archetypal paintings of Mother of Loss (Hecate), Mother of Solitude (Lilith), Mother of Healing (Brigit) and Mother of Compassion (Kuan Yin) for the Goddess Conference
  • Creativity (including writing my novel, poetry and songs; dancing, singing, playing my piano, guitar and drum; painting icons and my art installation) has been the primary way in which I have coped with all the challenges I have faced, transforming lead into gold in communion with Sophia-Brigit as Lady Alchemia
  • As a Transpersonal Therapist, I have guided clients through similar creative, transpersonal journeys since 2006, and The Serpent’s Tale Imbolc Immersion is based on the Philosophia Workshops – ‘From Darkness to Light’ and ‘The Wolf’s Path to Freedom’ – which I started running in 2009 when my novel was published
  • I am now deeply blessed to own and live with my family and 3 dogs in The Avalon Rose Chapel®, which is situated on one of the islands in the great Lake of Avalon, within the Glastonbury Zodiacal Dog (Wolf), beneath the Dog Star Sirius and with the Michael dragon line running through it on its way from Glastonbury Tor to Burrow Mump
  • It is here that I will be anchoring the energies and sacred container of The Serpent’s Tale Imbolc Immersion, with its altars to the Black Goddess Sophia, Brigit and the Dog-Wolf, who will be our primary guides on this journey

I look forward to you joining me on this Path to Creative Inspiration, Freedom and Manifestation

Annabel Du Boulay

Bridie, Sweet Bride

Sung by my daughter Sophia in 2020 aged 20, beside whose hospital bed I wrote this song on Imbolc 2002 when she was 2


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