The Rose Moon Membership

The original Rose Lineage Venus Cycle Membership since 01.01.2019. Join me and our international circle online each lunar month within our sacred Rose Moon Grove. Live from The Avalon Rose Chapel, I will guide you in how to use the ancient Venus-Moon Cycle of the Rose Lineage for your healing and empowerment

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In response to the Coronavirus Pandemic, I am currently offering 3 payment plan options in order to make my monthly membership accessible. Please choose the monthly value above that feels the most appropriate to your financial situation.

The Rose Lineage

The Rose Moon Membership is an invitation to align with the powerful energies of the Rose Lineage Venus-Moon Cycle for your guidance, healing and empowerment

The Black Goddess Sophia’s divine wisdom flows down to us through the millennia from the original black Mother Goddess of Africa to Mount Sinai and thence to Sumeria in Ancient Mesopotamia.

The literature of Sumer dates back to 2500 BCE and was written down in a collection of myths, epic tales, hymns and songs, some by the world’s first named author in history – Enheduanna, High Priestess of Inanna.

The primary Myth of the Descent of Inanna was inspired by the cycle of the planet Venus, which creates the pattern of a Pentagram in the centre of a Celestial Rose, hence the name given to this esoteric, spiritual tradition – the Rose Lineage – of which Mary Magdalene and Yeshua, as the embodiment of Sophia and Christ, were Priestess and Priest.

This Wisdom tradition wove its way down through the Ancient Judaic, Egyptian and Greco-Romano cultures to the Early Christian Gnostics and Glastonbury-Avalon. It was kept alive by secret societies and in hidden codes like the Tarot after it was forced underground by the patriarchal Church, and remnants of it still survive within the Cult of the Black Madonna in Southern Italy.

Philosophia is the term I use for all my teachings I share on the Rose Lineage, Avalon, Sophia and the Black Madonna. Through my programme of online and in-person workshops and trainings, I invite you to peel back the layers of patriarchal distortion, explore your spiritual and mythological heritage, and engage with ancient soul-development tools and rituals designed to guide you along your path of gnosis or self-knowledge.

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Annabel Du Boulay Rose Moon Membership

The Venus-Moon Cycle

The Myth of the Descent of Inanna-Ishtar

The Sumerian-Babylonian Myth of the Descent of Inanna-Ishtar through 7 Gates into the Underworld and Her Resurrection as Queen of Heaven was inspired by the astronomical cycle of the planet Venus with its 7 waning moon and 7 waxing moons conjunctions.

The 1st January 2019 coincided with the 1st Gate of Descent of the final 19 month synodic period of the 2012-20 Venus Cycle, when I launched my Rose Moon Membership and we began our journey with the Venus-Lunar Cycle, aligned astronomically, astrologically and mythologically with the Rose Lineage. Since then, my work has been copied by other international teachers but my Rose Moon is the original Venus Cycle Membership.

On 14 August 2019, on the date of the most important festival of the Black Madonna when I was at Her sanctuary in Tindari, Sicily, and on the eve of the Assumption of the Blessed Mother, historically the ancient festival of the Black Goddess around which my book The Serpent’s Tale (2009) is set in Southern Italy, Venus reached Superior Solar Conjunction and was reborn as the Evening Star.

On 29 October 2019, the day after Lunar Samhain, the darkest point of release in my Philosophia Wheel of the Year, we walked through the 1st Gate of Ascent.

And on 26 April 2020, we stepped through the 7th Gate of Ascent (Crown Chakra) and took back our Crown in the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic (Latin ‘corona’ meaning ‘crown’), just as we are being called to take back our power and rise in our sovereignty as the Phoenix Queen from the ashes of this pandemic in the co-creation of the New Earth.

If you are feeling called to work with the Venus Cycle and the Rose Lineage, this is the most powerful time to join my Rose Moon Membership as we are currently journeying through her first 19 month synodic period of this next 8 year Cycle, having reclaimed our Sovereignty as Queens following the rebirth of Venus as the Morning Star on 3 June 2020.

There can be no coincidence in my mind that this is happening at the same time as the Coronavirus Pandemic, which is not only bringing death to the Old World as we knew it but is also birthing a New World founded in the mutual respect, love, compassion and support that we are witnessing being shared by people globally.

What unique gifts are you bringing from the challenges you have survived? What role have you contracted to play in the co-creation of this New Earth?

My Rose Moon Membership is an opportunity to join me and our international circle travelling on this journey together online each lunar month within our sacred Rose Moon Grove – we currently have over 60 members from all over the world including the US, Hawaii, Australia, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Germany, France and the UK. You can join us and leave at any point in the cycle.

Live from The Avalon Rose Chapel, I will guide you in how to use the ancient Venus-Moon Cycle of the Rose Lineage for your own healing and empowerment.

During these challenging times of the Coronavirus Pandemic, allow Venus and the Avalon Rose deities to guide you through your Rebirth into the New Earth

  • Being part of the Rose Moon Membership has given me the opportunity to take part in sacred circle again, which is something that I love so much and have missed. I love the sense of community, and the wisdom that Annabel shares is truly priceless. She knows what she is talking about and I feel like new paths are opening up for me in my connection to the Divine. I feel so blessed to be a part of this circle.Elin Hejll, The Rose Moon Membership
  • I have been led, step by step, into a deeper connection with the Rose Goddess by a trusted, caring and dedicated guide. Each footstep has opened up a level of Self and makes the links with inner worlds more concrete. The whole journey is beautiful and truly revealing as a transformation and exploration of the Goddess lineage, alongside Her manifestation in the stars.AJH, The Rose Moon Membership
  • The Rose Moon Membership has been a guiding light of beauty and transformation, a safe sanctuary for my heart. Annabel shares such deep embodied knowledge regarding the Rose Lineage, each spoken word during her meditations transmitting straight to your soul. The journey through the Venus Cycle is deepening my connection with the Divine Feminine with each circle shining light on new gifts buried within.Georgie Catling, The Rose Moon Membership

What you will receive

For £33 per month (during the Coronavirus Pandemic, there are 3 payment plan options to choose from: £13, £22 and £33) you will receive:

  • A live webinar each lunar month held on the Venus-Moon Conjunctions (that’s 13 webinars per year)
  • Each webinar is 90 minutes long and is streamed live from The Avalon Rose Chapel, woven with the energies of the Rose Lineage and deities
  • During each webinar, I share teachings on the astronomical, astrological and mythological energies of the Venus-Moon Conjunction, before using transpersonal techniques such as guided journeys, creative expression and ceremony to facilitate your experience of the energies in order to receive healing and guidance
  • At the end of each webinar, I give you personal guidance and feedback on your experiences either during the webinar if there is time or afterwards in our private Facebook Group
  • If you are unable to attend the webinar live, you will have access to the recording afterwards in your private Online Member’s Area of my website as well as in our private Facebook Group
  • I encourage everyone to share their experiences in our Facebook Group where I use my expert knowledge of myths, archetypes and symbols to help you to interpret the guidance and symbols you receive
  • You will also receive a Full Moon guided journey audio with astrological and mythological insights each lunar month
  • And in our Facebook Group, you will receive regular posts from me as well as early bird access to my in-person events and discounts on selected online courses and retail products

Join our beautiful circle of like-minded people walking this profound, spiritual path of healing and empowerment together, aligned mythologically, astrologically and astronomically with the Rose Lineage Venus-Moon Cycle

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