The Rose Moon Membership

The original Venus Cycle Membership since 01.01.2019

We begin again on 13.08.23 with the 3rd Synodic Period of this current 8 year Venus Cycle! Join the WAIT LIST to be the first to hear when the gateway to our Rose Moon Grove opens once more. Live from The Avalon Rose Chapel®, I will guide you in how to use the Venus Cycle for your healing, inspiration and empowerment.

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The Avalon Rose Lineage

The Rose Moon Membership is an invitation to journey with the powerful energies of the Venus Cycle for your guidance, healing and empowerment

6500 years ago, our Neolithic ancestors of the British Isles and Western Europe began building their megalithic monuments, many aligned as ritual resurrection chambers to the heliacal rising of the planet Venus and star Sirius, 1000 years before the Sumerians in Ancient Mesopotamia, where the teachings of the Black Goddess were also taken from Africa via Mount Sinai.

Sumeria was the first culture to write down the foundation Myth of the Descent and Ascent of Inanna, inspired by the astronomical cycle of the planet Venus with its 7 waning and 7 waxing moon conjunctions, which trace a Pentagram in the centre of a Celestial Rose, as featured in our logo since Beltane 2018 when The Avalon Rose Chapel® first opened its doors on the Isle of Avalon, Glastonbury.The name given to the spiritual Wisdom tradition that evolved from this Venus Rose inspired mythos is the Rose Lineage, of which Mary Magdalene and Yeshua, as the later embodiment of the mythological Venusian Black Goddess of Wisdom Sophia and her Sirian Bridegroom Christ ‘Kasista’, were Priestess and Priest.

I’ve spent 30 years tracking the Rose Lineage from its origins in Africa and Neolithic Old Europe to Bronze Age Mesopotamia, the Levant and Egypt, to the Greco-Roman world and the early Christian Gnostics, who brought these spiritual Wisdom teachings back to the British Isles, where they wove together with those of Celtic-Druidism on the ancient Isle of Avalon, Glastonbury in the Summerlands, which some believe once leant their name to Sumer in Ancient Sumeria.

The Pentagram is also found in the centre of the Apple, the Fruit of Wisdom, and it is from these shared ancestral roots of honouring Venus, Sirius, the Rose, the Chalice-Grail, the Pentagram and the Apple of Wisdom, that the branches of the Rose, Celtic-Druidic and Avalon Lineages have blossomed in these sacred lands of Avalon, the Isle of Apples, from their singular Tree of Life, which I call The Avalon Rose Lineage.

My Rose Moon Membership is a powerful monthly way in which I facilitate your own experience of The Avalon Rose Lineage, energetically anchored in The Avalon Rose Chapel®, which is situated on an ancient island in the Great Lake of Avalon, within the Glastonbury Zodiacal Dog and beneath the Dog Star Sirius.

I invite you to explore this spiritual Wisdom tradition, which has so much relevance for those of us seeking a spiritual path outside the confines of patriarchal religion’s limitations, by engaging with this 19-month soul-development programme, inspired by the Venus Cycle and designed to guide you along your own path of gnosis or self-knowledge.

  • Being part of this Rose Moon Membership has been like coming home. Annabel's teachings and guided visualisations are exquisite, embodied and informed. For me this has been such a pleasure, as I feel these ancient wisdom teachings are being updated for our current times where we are being called to be of service in all aspects, from the hearth of our families to our work places and communities. A blessed gift!Filipa Miles, The Rose Moon Membership

The Venus Cycle

The Myth of the Descent & Ascent of Inanna

If you are feeling called to work with the Venus Cycle and The Avalon Rose Lineage, this is the most powerful time to join The Rose Moon Membership as we are about to start the third 19-month Synodic Period of this 8 year Cycle.

The Myth of the Descent & Ascent of Inanna through 7 Gates into the Underworld and Her Resurrection as Queen of Heaven was inspired by the astronomical cycle of the planet Venus with its 7 waning and 7 waxing moon conjunctions.

At each of the 7 Gates, which are aligned with the 7 chakras, we are invited to release on the descent an item representing a shadow aspect of our psyche that is no longer serving us, and to reclaim on the ascent an item representing a Soul gift or dream that we desire to bring forth into manifestation.

As we resurrect ourselves from the Underworld, or Celtic Otherworld, we return to the Rose Garden of Eden as Queen, where we are reunited with our inner Sun King, from whose Sacred Marriage we give birth once more to our divine Magical Child Self.

This is the archetypal Descent & Ascent of the Soul, our most ancient myth founded on the Palaeolithic Lunar myth and the Neolithic & Bronze Age Venus mythos, which creates a sacred container for a profound, transpersonal journey that empowers us to firstly release any limiting shadow beliefs and behaviours, and then to gain clarity on the Soul gifts and dreams that we desire to bring forth into manifestation, as we rebirth ourselves once more into another spiral of our Soul’s journey.

My Rose Moon Membership is an opportunity to join me and our international circle travelling on this journey together online each lunar month within our sacred Rose Moon Grove. Since we began on 01.01.2019, over 300 people have joined us from all over the world.

Live from The Avalon Rose Chapel®, I will guide you in how to use the Venus Cycle and mythos of The Avalon Rose Lineage for your own healing, inspiration and empowerment.

  • The Rose Moon Membership has been a guiding light of beauty and transformation, a safe sanctuary for my heart. Annabel shares such deep embodied knowledge regarding the Rose Lineage, each spoken word during her meditations transmitting straight to your soul. The journey through the Venus Cycle is deepening my connection with the Divine Feminine, with each circle shining light on new gifts buried within.Georgie Catling, The Rose Moon Membership

What you will receive

  • Live webinars and their recordings held each lunar month on the Venus-Moon Conjunctions from August 2023 to February 2025
  • Each webinar is 90 minutes long and is streamed live from The Avalon Rose Chapel®, situated on an island in the Great Lake of Avalon, within the Glastonbury Zodiacal Dog and beneath the Dog Star Sirius, the Sacred Bridegroom of Venus
  • During each webinar, I share teachings on the astronomical, astrological and mythological energies of the Venus-Moon Conjunction, before using transpersonal techniques including guided journeys and creative expression to facilitate your experience of the energies in order to receive healing and guidance
  • Afterwards in our private Facebook Group, I give you personal feedback on your experiences
  • If you are unable to attend a webinar live, you will have access to the recording in your private online Member’s Area of my website
  • I encourage everyone to share their experiences in our Facebook Group where I use my expert knowledge of myths, archetypes and symbols to help you to interpret the guidance you receive during the meditations
  • You will also receive a Full Moon guided journey audio with astrological and mythological insights each lunar month
  • And in our Facebook Group, you will receive regular posts from me as well as early bird access to my in-person events and discounts on selected online courses

Please note that on purchase of the product, you will receive a Welcome Email with all the information you need to access the programme – please check your spam folders and email us if you don’t receive it.

Refund Policy

Please note that due to this being an online digital product, we do not offer refunds.

Join our beautiful circle of like-minded people walking this profound spiritual path of healing, inspiration and empowerment, aligned astronomically & astrologically with The Venus Cycle, and mythologically with The Avalon Rose Lineage

  • Being part of the Rose Moon Membership has given me the opportunity to take part in sacred circle again, which is something that I love so much and have missed. I love the sense of community, and the wisdom that Annabel shares is truly priceless. She knows what she is talking about and I feel like new paths are opening up for me in my connection to the Divine. I feel so blessed to be a part of this circle.Elin Hejll, The Rose Moon Membership

The Third 19-Month Synodic Period of the Venus Cycle

The Avalon Rose Stargate Immersion

Venus will set as the Evening Star on 08/08 – the Lion’s Gate – during The Avalon Rose Stargate Immersion, which members of the Rose Moon Membership are also welcome to join

She will then be reborn as the Morning Star on 13 August 2023 – the Festival of Diana – two days before the Black Goddess Rites, the ancient Festival honouring the Black Goddesses who are the mythological embodiment of Venus

And we will begin the third 19-month Synodic Period of this 8-year Venus Cycle with a new Journey of Descent and Ascent of the Soul

Join us in our Rose Moon Grove to explore this powerful relationship between the Venus Cycle and The Avalon Rose Lineage, and what meaning it can bring to your life

  • I have been led, step by step, into a deeper connection with the Rose Goddess by a trusted, caring and dedicated guide. Each footstep has opened up a level of Self and makes the links with inner worlds more concrete. The whole journey is beautiful and truly revealing as a transformation and exploration of the Goddess lineage, alongside Her manifestation in the stars.AJH, The Rose Moon Membership
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