The Rose Lineage Workshop

An introductory ONLINE workshop consisting of 3 videos: one filmed live during my Priestess Training where I explain about the myths and deities of the Rose Lineage; one where I teach you how to do my guided visualisations; and one where I lead you on a guided visualisation with Sophia, Black Goddess of Wisdom.


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This 1 hour introductory online workshop consists of 3 Videos and 1 Soul-Sheet:

  • Video 1: filmed live where I teach you all about the myths and deities of The Rose Lineage from Inanna in Ancient Sumeria to Mary Magdalene in Avalon
  • Video 2: where I teach you how to do my guided visualisations, the difference between your left and right brain, and how to express yourself creatively
  • Video 3: where I lead you on a guided visualisation with Sophia, Black Goddess of Wisdom, to discover what it is you need to let go of at this time in your life
  • Soul-Sheet: download this PDF with question prompts and notes to support you in the creative expression of your guided visualisation

You’ll get lifetime access to watch the videos via your online Member’s Area and membership of a Facebook Group in which to share your experiences.

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In Video 1 you will learn about:

  • The Cycle of Venus which inspires the myths of The Rose Lineage
  • The Ancient Sumerian Myth of Inanna, the primary myth of The Rose Lineage
  • Your Soul’s Path of Gnosis through the Sacred Marriage of your Anima & Animus
  • The Path of the Gnostic Goddess Course inspired by the Pentagram of Venus
  • The Lunar Myth, the Harvest Myth and the Myth of the Descent of the Soul
  • The Myths of Isis-Osiris (Egypt) and Demeter-Persephone (Greece)
  • My Gnostic novel The Serpent’s Tale set in Italy at the time of the witch-burnings
  • The Gnostic Myth of Sophia and Her relationship to Mary Magdalene
  • Re-incarnation and your Soul’s Journey through the inter-life and lifetimes
  • Mary Magdalene and Yeshua (Jesus) as Priestess and Priest of The Rose Lineage

‘The Beloveds’ by Cheryl Yambrach Rose

  • I have just attended one of Annabel's Rose Lineage workshops and it was wonderful, powerful and amazing! I journeyed with the Gnostic Goddesses and received profound information. I brought back pieces of myself that I did not even know were missing. Thank you, Annabel, for your integrity and beauty, and the beautiful Chapel that provides for these types of transformative experiences.Susan Mare, The Rose Lineage Workshop
  • I circled the five weekends of The Path of the Gnostic Goddess with the wise and beautiful Annabel. She wove a rich and lovely tapestry of academic teaching, outdoor ritual, inner journeying and creativity. We made collages, painted pictures, wove threads, chanted, shared and retold our stories. We giggled, laughed and cried. It was a cleansing of any old wounds still needing attention, and a re-creating of an ancient Gnostic lineage within and around us. Thank you women of the circle and especially dear Annabel.Pamela Gaunt, The Path of the Gnostic Goddess
  • The Path of the Gnostic Goddess calls to my heart and soul. It is such a privilege to be able to receive Annabel's profound wisdom, teaching and guidance which comes from a centre of pure love, held in a safe and nurturing environment. Thank you, Annabel, for the gift of The Avalon Rose Chapel and its teachings. It is just what I was wishing for and these workshops are such life-changing and transformative experiences.Vena Bunker, The Path of the Gnostic Goddess

In Video 2 you will learn about:

  • The difference between active guided visualisation and passive meditation
  • The difference between your left (Animus) and right (Anima) brain
  • A technique to quieten your left brain so that you can journey with your right brain
  • Spirit guides, ancestors and totem animal guides
  • How to record your visualisation through creative expression
  • How to ground yourself after your visualisation
  • How to share your creative expression in our Facebook group where I will use my expert knowledge of archetypes and symbols to help you to interpret it through a process Jung termed ‘amplification’

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Are you ready to step onto the path of the Rose Lineage, to explore the original myths, beliefs, rituals and deities of our ancestors for your healing and empowerment?

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