The Avalon Rose Stargate

A 22 day online immersion through the Lion’s Gate portal with Sirius, the White Lions, Venus and the Black Goddesses of the Rose Lineage on their Feast Days, with 22 days of teachings, guided journeys and 4 live webinars.


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The Avalon Rose Stargate

Welcome to The Avalon Rose Stargate 22 day online immersion with Sirius, Venus and the Rose Goddesses

On the 26 July, the Lion’s Gate portal will open when we begin our journey into the Great Hall of Sirius, our Spiritual Sun, where it reaches its zenith on 08/08

Sirius the Dog Star was known as the Sacred Bridegroom of the Rose Wisdom Goddess Sophia, whose festival is celebrated on 15 August along with the Heliacal Rise of Sirius

The Avalon Rose Stargate is an opportunity to be guided through the Lion’s Gate portal with Sirius, the White Lions, Venus and the Black Goddesses of the Rose Lineage on their Feast Days – Isis, Diana, the Black Madonna and Sophia

With over 30 years of academic and embodied experience of Sirius, Venus and the Rose Goddess, I look forward to facilitating your own journey with them through The Avalon Rose Stargate’s 22 days of teachings, guided journeys and live ceremonies

Join up until 16 August 2021

You can join The Avalon Rose Stargate until it closes on 16 August and access all the online teaching videos, guided journeys and webinar recordings until 31 August 2021

We currently have over 70 people in The Avalon Rose Stargate with a very active Facebook Group. It’s incredible what guidance and healing everyone is receiving and sharing. Do come and join us!

“Inspired by working with Annabel Du Boulay and the work I am currently doing with her in her incredible 22 day immersion in all things Sirius, Lion Magick and the Black Goddesses.”



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Annabel Du Boulay The Avalon Rose Stargate

What you will receive...

  • Mon 26 July – live webinar to journey into the Great Hall of Sirius as the Lion’s Gate opens
  • Tues 27 July to Sat 13 Aug – 12 days of teaching videos and guided journeys with the energies of Sirius, the White Lions, Venus and all their associated deities, mythos, archetypes and symbols, blessed by the harvest energies of Lughnasadh
  • Sun 08/08 @ 8pm – live webinar on the Lion’s Gate and New Moon in Leo
  • Mon 9 & Tues 10 Aug – teaching videos and guided journeys
  • Wed 11 Aug – Rose Moon live webinar stepping through the 3rd Gate of Ascent in the Venus Cycle working with the Solar Plexus chakra and the Black Rose Goddess Cybele
  • Thurs 12 to Sat 14 Aug – teaching videos and guided journeys with the Black Goddesses of the Rose Lineage – Isis, Diana and the Black Madonna
  • Sun 15 Aug – live webinar to celebrate The Festival of the Black Goddess, the Assumption of the Madonna and the Heliacal Rise of Sirius
  • Mon 16 Aug – completion teaching video and guided journey as Venus moves into Libra

All webinars will be recorded and available in the online portal within a couple of hours

Your Guide - Annabel Du Boulay

  • I studied the Greco-Roman mythos in 1991 as part of my English degree, when I was first introduced to the Black Goddesses of the Rose Lineage – Artemis-Diana, Demeter-Ceres, Hecate and Cybele
  • I was initiated onto the path of the Black Madonna, the most recent embodiment of the Black Rose Goddess, in 1993-96 when I lived in Southern Italy
  • I completed my MSc degree and PhD research in 1996-9, where I compared Goddess Thealogy in Paganism with Feminist Theology in Christianity, exploring the Divine Feminine from the origins of her worship as the Black Earth Mother Goddess in Africa and Palaeolithic ‘Old Europe’, to the appropriation and manipulation of her mythos by patriarchal religion
  • My ensuing research focussed on the figure of this Black Goddess of the Rose Lineage and her archetypal imagery as it flowed down through the millennia from Black Inanna-Ishtar of Ancient Mesopotamia to Black Isis of Ancient Egypt, to the Greco-Roman Black Goddesses to Sophia, Black Goddess of Wisdom, and the Black Madonna
  • As I poured this research into the writing of my historical witch-burnings novel The Serpent’s Tale, my own daughter Sophia Mary led me repeatedly on the Sophianic descent and ascent of the Soul whilst I nursed her through 12 operations, until we became the living embodiment of the Myth of the Black Goddess Sophia
  • I deliberately set the events of my novel around the 15 August, the ancient Festival of the Black Goddess, when the heliacal rising of the Dog Star Sirius, who was her Sacred Bridegroom in Ancient Sumerian mythology, was also celebrated – the date upon which the Church later held the Assumption of the Madonna, and which is known as Ferragosto in Italy
  • I was initiated by the Light-Beings of Sirius 22 years ago through an out-of-body experience following one of my daughter’s surgeries, when I was praying for her pain to be taken away and suddenly a surge of healing energy shot through my hands and she went from screaming to asleep in a second, as I experienced our Souls leaving our bodies and being taken for healing to a star called Sirius, which I didn’t consciously at that time even know existed
  • Since that moment, I have worked with all the Beings of Sirius, which I believe is the ‘pleroma’ or ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ or ‘Garden of Eden’ of the Rose Lineage, especially in my role as a Healer, which I went on to train and work as in 2006
  • In 2001, I began my training as a Priestess of Avalon here on the sacred Isle of Avalon, Glastonbury, and made many pilgrimages to sacred sites across the British Isles and around the world, many of which were aligned to the heliacal rise of Sirius and the planet Venus, whose 8 year Cycle inspired the foundation mythos of the Rose Lineage, which I became an expert in and teach through my Rose Moon Membership, Avalon Rose Priestess & Practitioner Trainings and The Queens’ Round Table leadership programme
  • I am now deeply blessed to own and live in The Avalon Rose Chapel, which is situated on one of the islands in the great Lake of Avalon, within the Glastonbury Zodiacal Dog, beneath the star Sirius and with the Michael dragon line running through it on its way from Glastonbury Tor to Burrow Mump
  • It is here that I anchor the energies of The Avalon Rose Lineage, guarding the Sirian Dog’s gateway to the Otherworld, and facilitate other people’s experience of The Avalon Rose Lineage with Sirius, Venus, the White Lions and the Black Rose Goddesses as our guides

I look forward to you joining me on the journey so that you, too, can receive their healing and guidance during this powerful Lion’s Gate portal when we enter the Great Hall of Sirius and celebrate the Black Rose Goddesses on their feast days

Annabel Du Boulay Signature


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The Avalon Rose Priestess Training

The Avalon Rose Priestess Training

The Avalon Rose Stargate also acts as a taster for The Avalon Rose Priestess Training which begins on 19 August, just after the doors of the Stargate close on 16 August

If you join the Stargate now and pay for your place on the Priestess Training in full before 19 August 2021, you’ll receive a discount equivalent to your £88 Stargate immersion fee

Places are also limited on the optional pilgrimage to Glastonbury-Avalon, so if you are interested in joining us, please sign up for The Avalon Rose Priestess Training and book your place on the pilgrimage as soon as possible in order to receive the whole of the 22 day Stargate immersion as a free bonus gift

Womankind & Project Harar

From our Black Goddess Rites 2020, we were able to donate £2500 to Womankind‘s project with their partner Siiqqee in Ethiopia (the birthplace of the African Black Mother Goddess who is the precursor to Inanna, Isis, Demeter, Diana, Cybele and the Black Madonna) to further establish women-led co-operatives as a space for women to gain financial independence, new skills and increased confidence and status in the community.

We also donated £700 to Project Harar, whose Emergency Covid Response is distributing clean water and soap to vulnerable families in Ethiopia. This charity is particularly special to me as its primary focus outside of the pandemic is to surgically treat Ethiopian children born with complex facial conditions like my son, many of whom have been ostracised by their communities.

This year, we will be donating a percentage of the profits from The Avalon Rose Stargate to both these charitable projects.


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