The Avalon Rose Chapel® Mary & Michael Pilgrimage

Allow me to guide you on a powerfully transpersonal pilgrimage to the Holy Isle of Avalon, Glastonbury and the Summerlands, diving deeply into the mythos and energies of these sacred lands and the Avalon Rose Lineage, with my guest facilitators Laura Daligan, Nalini Blossom, Sophie Pullinger, Lydia Lyte & Tor Webster.

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There are only a couple of places left now, so if you’d like to join the Pilgrimage, please EMAIL ME as soon as possible

The Avalon Rose Chapel®

Mary & Michael Pilgrimage

Glastonbury~Avalon & the Summerlands

8-14 June 2024

The Avalon Rose Chapel® Mary & Michael Pilgrimage to Glastonbury-Avalon and the Summerlands takes place from Sat 8 June to Fri 14 June 2024, with a special invitation to join The Avalon Rose Chapel® Community Day & Ceremony on Sat 15 June.

During these 7 days, I will be guiding you on pilgrimage, joined by my close friends and expert co-facilitators, to all the Rose and Celtic-Druidic sacred sites in Glastonbury-Avalon and the Summerlands, including day visits to:


  • Burrow Mump & The Avalon Rose Chapel® with Nalini Blossom
  • Bride’s Mound & Well, The Bishop’s Palace & Wells Cathedral
  • St Nectan’s Glen, Cornwall with Laura ‘Red Witch’ Daligan
  • The Roman Baths & Thermae Spa in Bath
  • Avebury Henge & Stone Circles with Laura ‘Red Witch’ Daligan
  • Wearyall Hill & Glastonbury Abbey with Tor Webster
  • Chalice Well, Glastonbury with Sophie Pullinger & Lydia Lyte


There are only a couple of places left now, so if you’d like to join the Pilgrimage, please read the information below and email me as soon as possible

  • It is hard to capture in words the depths and heights of the experience of Annabel’s Mary & Michael Pilgrimage. The Priestesses are returning! Mother Mary and the Great Mother in all her forms are calling us back, calling us to remember, gather and move together along the dragon lines to Her sacred places to bless and be blessed. This Pilgrimage is, very simply, a totally authentic opportunity to come together with sincere practitioners to both receive love, presence and healing, and to offer out the same, within a container of true High Magic.

    Lisa Brughera, Mary & Michael Pilgrimage

The Mary & Michael Dragon Lines

The Mary & Michael Dragon Lines weave their way through the lands of Brigit’s Isles like two serpents, forging a sacred pathway from Norfolk to Cornwall, uniting together at certain vortexes in their Sacred Marriage of the Divine Feminine and Masculine.

I have lived on the Mary & Michael Dragon lines my whole life, firstly in Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire, and then in Glastonbury-Avalon and the Summerlands since 2009, where The Avalon Rose Chapel® is situated on one of the ancient islands in the Great Lake of Avalon, with the Michael line running straight through it.

I became aware of the Mary & Michael alignment when I was training to be a Priestess of Avalon with the Glastonbury Goddess Temple in 2001, and read The Old Straight Track by Alfred Watkins (1925) as well as The Sun And The Serpent and The Dance of the Dragon by Paul Broadhurst and Hamish Miller, who track the alignment.

I’ve spent the last two decades making personal pilgrimages to all the sacred sites that these dragon lines traverse, deep into the valleys of sacred spring waters where churches to Mary are sited upon sanctuaries to the ancient Fish & Mermaid Goddess, and high up onto the sacred mounds and hill tops where churches to Michael were founded upon Beacon Hills originally dedicated to the Sun God.

The Avalon Rose Chapel® is situated on the Isle of the Dog in the Glastonbury Zodiac, beneath the Dog Star Sirius, and close to Burrow Mump where the Mary and Michael dragon lines meet in their Sacred Marriage.

“The St. Michael Line of traditional dragons sites in south-west England (…) is remarkable for its length and accuracy. It appears to be set between two prominent Somerset hills, both dedicated to St. Michael with ruined churches on their summit. These two hills are Glastonbury Tor and ‘The Mump’ at Burrowbridge some ten miles to the south-west. Both these hills appear to have been artificially shaped so that their axis align with each other, and their orientation, 27 degrees north of east, can be read off a large Ordnance Survey sheet.” John Michell, The View Over Atlantis

It is here that we will start our sacred 7-day Pilgrimage as I guide you on a powerfully transformative, transpersonal journey with the mythos, deities and energies of the Avalon Rose Lineage, grounded and rooted in these sacred lands of my birth.

Pilgrimage Itinerary

I have designed the Pilgrimage as a deeply transpersonal journey into the mythos of the Avalon Rose Lineage, grounded in the sacred lands of Glastonbury-Avalon and the Summerlands, and co-facilitated by some of my closest friends and co-facilitators – Laura ‘Red Witch’ Daligan, Nalini Blossom, Sophie Pullinger, Lydia Lyte & Tor Webster.

This is a completely unique pilgrimage founded in my 30 years of lived, embodied experience of these lands, since I first came to the Summerlands aged 19, spending my holidays in the next door village to where I now live, after which I began coming regularly to Glastonbury-Avalon from 2000 to train as a Priestess of Avalon and work at The Glastonbury Goddess Conference, journeying up and down the Mary & Michael Dragon Lines from my homes in Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire, until I eventually moved here in 2009 and founded The Avalon Rose Chapel® in 2018.

Day 1 ~ Sat 8 June

Welcome Circle and Lunch at The Avalon Rose Chapel® near Glastonbury

Pilgrimage to St Michael’s Church and Burrow Mump for our Opening Ceremony to ground into the energies of the Mary & Michael Dragon Lines, which unite there in their Sacred Marriage

Dinner at The Avalon Rose Chapel® followed by a private Concert and Sabai Ceremony with Sacred Musician Nalini Blossom

Photograph above taken inside the ruins of St Michael’s Church on Burrow Mump where we have our Opening Ceremony

Nalini Blossom

Nalini is a close friend and Rose Priestess Sister, with whom I have co-facilitated ceremonies and performed since 2018, including singing on her track ‘Circle of Women’ produced by Craig Pruess with my daughter Sophia, embodying the energies of the Mother and Daughter in the lyrics ‘May all mothers know that they are loved. And may all sisters know that they are strong. And may all daughters know that they are worthy/beautiful/powerful’.

Nalini is an internationally renowned singer-songwriter, sound healer, ceremonialist & workshop facilitator. Over the last 20 years, she has pilgrimaged to sacred sites around the world, studying with indigenous wisdom keepers & song carriers. From the Amazon Jungle, to the High Andes, to the temples of Egypt, India and Central America, Nalini weaves ancestral threads into a unique tapestry of song, invocation and ceremony. Her voice has been described as ‘an ancient and powerful transmission’, transporting listeners through the veils into timeless realms; her songs are deep prayers of praise & longing.

Following a near death experience in Mexico in 2004, Nalini’s voice opened up as a conduit of healing energy. She subsequently realised her vocation as a guardian of the sacred feminine mysteries. She taught herself guitar and started to receive many songs. She went on to release her ‘Magdalene Flame’ album and co-founded the band ‘Sacred Sound Collective’. Nalini has also collaborated with various electronica producers, performing live at the Glastonbury Festival with Kaya Project, co-creating tracks with downtempo producer Mose in Guatemala and two EPs with Alunawachuma and Jairamji. She is currently working on recording projects in the UK with award winning music producers Craig Pruess (Sacred Chants of Shiva) and Gerry Diver. Her most well-known songs ‘Queen of Peace’, ‘Circle of Women’ and ‘Water Blessing Song’ are cherished in prayer circles around the world.

Nalini is currently based in Glastonbury, England, where she is a sound healer with ‘Avalon Alchemy of Sound’ at the Goddess Temple. It was here that she birthed her signature workshop ‘Song of the Womb‘, which she shares alongside her ceremonial concerts across the globe. She is a mentor in ‘Womb Awakening’ with the Fountain of Life Academy of Dr Azra and Seren Bertrand, with whom she apprenticed in Avalon and on Big Island, Hawaii. Nalini is especially passionate about empowering women to reclaim their authentic voice, womb wisdom & embodied connection to Mother Earth.

Nalini’s song ‘Queen of Peace’ features in The Avalon Rose Chapel® Mary & Michael Pilgrimage promo film and can be purchased via this LINK.

Website  Instagram  Facebook

Day 2 ~ Sun 9 June

Pilgrimage to Bride’s Mound (see photo below) in Glastonbury for our Avalon Gateway Ceremony where we will part the veils and energetically step onto the Isle of Avalon through the ancient pilgrims’ gateway

Brigit Blessing Ceremony by Darcie Kermode, Avalon Rose & Brigit Priestess

Pilgrimage to Bride’s Well with an anointing Ceremony

Lunch in Wells at The Bishop’s Palace

Pilgrimage to the ancient Sacred Spring waters, which have been worshipped since the Neolithic era

Visit to Wells Cathedral and the octagonal Lady Chapel

Dinner at a 15th Century traditional Coaching Inn

Day 3 ~ Mon 10 June

Pilgrimage to St Nectan’s Glen & Waterfall, Cornwall, with my close friend and co-facilitator Laura ‘Red Witch’ Daligan (see the Avebury Day below for Laura’s Bio)

Lunch at St Nectan’s Glen

Purification Ceremony in St Nectan’s Waterfall

Pilgrimage to St Clether Holy Well Chapel

Dinner at The Jamaica Inn, Cornwall’s most famous smugglers’ inn made world-famous by Daphne du Maurier’s Jamaica Inn novel

Day 4 ~ Tues 11 June

Pilgrimage to the City of Bath

2 hour Spa Session in the New Royal Baths Main Spa

Lunch in Bath

Visit The Roman Baths with a Dragon Fire Water Ceremony

Dinner in Bath

Day 5 ~ Wed  12 June

Pilgrimage to Avebury Henge and Stone Circles with my close friend and co-facilitator Laura ‘Red Witch’ Daligan

Lunch in Avebury

Pilgrimage to and Ceremonies at the Sacred Sites of Avebury, where the Mary & Michael Dragon Lines unite in their Sacred Marriage, including:

  • Avebury Henge and Stone Circles
  • The Sanctuary
  • West Kennet Long Barrow

Dinner in Avebury

Laura ‘Red Witch’ Daligan

Laura and I have been close friends since she began reading my Tarot in 2014, and as witchy sisters of magic and mischief, have shared countless pilgrimages, adventures, walks, fire rituals and ceremonies in Glastonbury, the Summerlands and beyond.

I’m Laura and I have a passion for creativity, magic and the wild wonder of everyday life. I am an internationally renowned Mystic, Artist, Spiritual Teacher, Fire Dancer, Musician, Animal Lover & Advocate. I reside near Glastonbury, where I am continually inspired by the deep magic of the land.

From starting out as one of the founding members of Sky’s Psychic TV, I have appeared on various TV Channels including BBC, ITV, C4 and MTV. I have been featured in a plethora of Magazines and have enjoyed writing columns for FAE Magazine, Chat, The Magical Times and Spellcraft. I have provided Tarot consultations for many corporate events and read for politicians, celebrities and big business owners.

My spiritual background is rooted in Paganism, Tarot, Wicca and Shamanic training. From a wealth of magical and personal experience, I have created a range of innovative and empowering courses which I teach both online and in-person.

I graduated from Falmouth College of Arts with a BA(Hons) Illustration, and since then my mythic and visionary art has appeared in books, magazines & exhibitions. I have become well-known for creating totem Shamanic drums, and painting larger-than-life canvases featuring Deities, Power Animals & Dragons.

As one of the original ‘YouTube Witches’, my popular and friendly channel has gained a global following and been growing for over a decade now.

I am studying a Masters Degree in Viking Studies, and I have recently been a consultant on a couple of exhibitions for the British Museum, including the hugely popular ‘World of Stonehenge’ Exhibition.

I love what I do, my heart ignites each thread of my work.

Social Media LinkTree    Art Commissions Website   Readings & Courses Website

Photo of Laura taken by Chris Down at West Kennet Long Barrow

Day 6 ~ Thurs 13 June

Pilgrimage to the Gnostic & Celtic-Druidic Sacred Sites of Glastonbury with my co-facilitator Tor Webster

Pilgrimage to Wearyall Hill (above photo) where Joseph of Arimathea planted his staff, from which the Holy Thorn grew

Visit to St Margaret’s Chapel & St Mary Magdalene’s Almshouses

Lunch in Glastonbury

Pilgrimage to the Gnostic sites of Glastonbury Abbey 

Dinner in Glastonbury

Tor Webster

I’ve been friends with Tor since 2018 when I opened The Glastonbury Gnostic Centre & Chapel, where he facilitated some powerful Gnostic channelling circles.

Tor Webster, a local Glastonbury man, created the company ‘Tor’s Tour of the Tor’ in 2011 and it has gone from strength to strength, as has his involvement in putting Glastonbury firmly on the tourist map of England. He has been interviewed by BBC TV, BBC Radio, Russian TV,  Japanese TV, Norwegian and local documentary productions, as well as having been featured in German National Geographic Magazine and The World National Geographic TV Channel.

Tor moved to Glastonbury in 2001. His father and Danish mother (hence having the very apt name from birth of Tor) had already been living there for a few years. Tor’s tour of the Tor has also become top of the list of Glastonbury Tourist activities on the Trip Advisor website.

Tor is an independent filmmaker. In 2009, he completed a feature length documentary called the ‘Rainbow Serpent Project,’ which is about his pilgrimage to the earth chakra sites spread across the world.

Tor is a medium and healer, who works with the vibration of ‘Love’, and has been studying the ancient traditions of the early Celtic Christians called ‘The Way’ for over 25 years.


Day 7 ~ Fri 14 June

Exclusive Use of the Meeting Room all day at Chalice Well, Glastonbury

Pilgrimage to Glastonbury Tor and the Avalon Orchard

Lunch at Chalice Well

Private Access for a Rebirth Ceremony in The White Spring

Guided pilgrimage through Chalice Well Gardens

Evening Private Access and Closing Ceremony at Chalice Well with sacred musicians Lydia Lyte and Sophie Pullinger

Sophie Pullinger & Lydia Lyte

Sophie has been a close friend and fellow Priestess of Avalon since 2001, with whom I’ve co-facilitated many ceremonies and performed, especially as Ceremonialists and Sacred Musician Priestesses at The Glastonbury Goddess Conference.

Sophie is a deep soul therapist and counsellor working closely with her guides who she channels in many different ways, working especially with sacred sounds and creating heart-held space for emotional self-exploration and personal transformation.

Sophie loves people and is passionate about this deep work of empowerment – she is a good ally to have in those hard to reach soul places.

Website  Facebook  YouTube  SoundCloud

Lydia Lyte is a close friend and the foremost percussionist in Glastonbury, probably one of the best in the world, with whom I have performed many times at The Glastonbury Goddess Conference and with Alessandra Belloni, the world’s leading expert in the Southern Italian rhythms, chants and dances of the Black Madonna.

Both Sophie and Lydia have accompanied me on my past retreats at Chalice Well and other venues in the Summerlands, co-creating powerful ceremonies through drumming, chanting and dancing.

Optional ~ Sat 15 June

You are warmly invited to join us for The Avalon Rose Chapel® Community Day & Labyrinth Ceremony, which will take place at The Avalon Rose Chapel® on Sat 15 June 2024.

Lunch and travel to and from the Chapel is an additional cost, with taxis available to share.

What you will receive…

  • 7 days (82 hours) of Pilgrimage Facilitation with Annabel Du Boulay, Founder of The Avalon Rose Chapel®, assisted by Priestess Darcie Kermode, including teachings, guided journeys, ceremonies and rituals to guide you on a powerfully transpersonal journey with the mythos and energies of the Avalon Rose Lineage in the Sacred Lands of Glastonbury-Avalon and the Summerlands
  • All transportation costs
  • Day visit to Burrow Mump and The Avalon Rose Chapel® with a private concert by Nalini Blossom
  • Day visit to Bride’s Mound & Well in Glastonbury, and The Bishop’s Palace and Wells Cathedral in Wells
  • Day visit to St Nectan’s Glen and St Clether Holy Well Chapel in Cornwall with Laura ‘Red Witch’ Daligan
  • Day visit to The Roman Baths & Thermae Bath Spa, including a 2 hr Spa Session
  • Day visit to Avebury Henge & Stone Circles and West Kennet Long Barrow with Laura ‘Red Witch’ Daligan
  • Day visit to Wearyall Hill, St Margaret’s Chapel & Glastonbury Abbey with Tor Webster
  • Pilgrimage to Glastonbury Tor and the Avalon Orchard, and private access to The White Spring
  • Exclusive day use of the Meeting Room at Chalice Well, with evening private access to Chalice Well Gardens and closing ceremony co-facilitated by Lydia Lyte and Sophie Pullinger
  • 6 dinners and 2 lunches
  • Entry fees into The Bishop’s Palace, St Nectan’s Glen, The Thermae Bath Spa, The Roman Baths, Glastonbury Abbey, Chalice Well and The White Spring
  • Invitation to join us for The Avalon Rose Chapel® Community Day and Ceremony on Sat 15 June

The total cost of the Pilgrimage is £2699

The Pilgrimage is non-residential so this fee does not include your accommodation or transportation costs to and from Glastonbury on your arrival and departure day.

Everything else is included except for 5 café lunches, 1 dinner and your travel costs to and from The Avalon Rose Chapel® if you wish to attend our Community Day on Sat 15 June, when taxis will be available to share.

On acceptance of your place, you will have the option to pay the pilgrimage fee of £2699 in full or via a unique payment plan for a small additional cost.

You will receive access to the Pilgrimage Welcome page in your private Member’s Area of my website with further details.

There are only a couple of places left now, so if you’d like to join the Pilgrimage, please EMAIL ME as soon as possible


Journey into the Sacred Lands and Mythos of the Avalon Rose Lineage

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