Mothering Your Moon Maiden

Join me and my daughter Sophia Mary at my ONLINE ‘Mothering Your Moon Maiden Workshop’, filmed live at The Glastonbury Goddess Conference 2018 – the perfect introduction to our story, my book The Serpent’s Tale, the Rose Lineage, the Isle of Avalon and my Philosophia Wheel, whilst journeying with your Maiden Self through ancient Moon myth and meditation.


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In 2009, I launched my witch-burnings novel The Serpent’s Tale with a talk at The Glastonbury Goddess Conference, exploring the Harvest Myth of Demeter and Persephone as a metaphor for the Soul’s descent into the darkness of wounding and rebirth into the light of wisdom.

As one of the most powerful embodiments of our Moon Maiden archetype in Goddess Mythology, Persephone holds the key to unlock the gates to our empowerment through the healing of our Maiden Self.

In this workshop, we will journey with Persephone through guided meditation and creative expression to meet our Moon Maiden in the Underworld. There we will invite the Wise Crone Hecate, lady-in-waiting to Persephone, to help us to heal the Maiden wounds that are preventing us from standing fully in our power at this time.

Transformed through the fires of the Underworld, we will rise again like the Phoenix to be reunited with Persephone’s Harvest Mother Demeter, the embodiment of our own Mother archetype – the empowered, abundant Creatrix of Lammas.

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  • The ‘Mothering Your Moon Maiden’ Workshop led by Annabel was really meaningful and totally worth it. We came all the way from the Netherlands to attend it. Working with Annabel gave me a deep affirmation about my connection to Goddess and insights developing to this day. It was just what I needed at that time. A lot of pieces of the puzzle came together. I felt strong and vulnerable at the same time within the safe space she created. Thank you for this wonderful experience!Heidie Vis, Mothering Your Moon Maiden

This 1.5 hour online workshop was filmed live at The Glastonbury Goddess Conference 2018 and consists of both video and audio:

  • Video: Our Story, Sophia-Magdalene & the Lunar Myth
  • Audio: The Rose Lineage & the Isle of Avalon
  • Audio: Calling in the Deities of the Rose Lineage
  • Video: My daughter Sophia Mary & my book The Serpent’s Tale
  • Video: Extracts from The Serpent’s Tale
  • Audio: The Philosophia Wheel, the Maiden-Mother Self & the Soul’s Journey
  • Video: Kuyay Chant, Drum Journey Visualisation & Creative Expression
  • Audio: The Final Blessing

Soul-Sheet: PDF to support you in the creative expression of your visualisation

Bonus Video: How to do my Visualisations

Lifetime Access: via your Member’s Area

Facebook Group: to share your experience

Notice & Disclaimer: contains some content that is only suitable for an adult audience; inner-child visualisations are not recommended for individuals with unresolved childhood trauma

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In Part 1 you will learn about:

  • My story and how it relates to Sophia-Magdalene and the ancient Lunar Myth
  • How the Rose Lineage flows down from the Lunar Myth to the Isle of Avalon
  • How to call-in the deities of the Rose Lineage and your spirit guides
  • How my daughter Sophia Mary initiated me onto the Path of Sophia-Magdalene
  • My Gnostic novel The Serpent’s Tale set in Italy at the time of the witch-burnings
  • The Blood Moon, the Wisewomen-Witches and Women’s Rights
  • The Harvest Myth of Demeter & Persephone and the Descent of the Soul

In part 2 you will learn about:

  • The Philosophia Wheel, our journey into the underworld and our rebirth
  • The Maiden-Mother Self and how not to become trapped in the Victim
  • How I painted my way out of the underworld through ‘The Healing Womb’
  • Reincarnation, the Soul’s Journey and how to step fully into your power
  • Chanting ‘Kuyay Mama’ to open your Solar Plexus & Heart Chakras
  • How to do a guided visualisation with your Maiden Self to heal her wounding and receive the wisdom of the gift this brings for you to share with the world

In the Bonus Video you will learn about:

  • The difference between active guided visualisation and passive meditation
  • The difference between your left (Animus) and right (Anima) brain
  • A technique to quieten your left brain so that you can journey with your right brain
  • Spirit guides, ancestors and totem animal guides
  • How to record your visualisation through creative expression
  • How to ground yourself after your visualisation
  • How to share your creative expression in our Facebook group where I will use my expert knowledge of archetypes and symbols to help you to interpret it through a process Jung termed ‘amplification’

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Are you ready to step onto the path of the Rose Lineage, to explore the ancient myths, rituals and deities of your ancestors, and to journey with your Moon Maiden for your healing and empowerment? Join us and receive a voucher worth £44 for the full cost of this workshop off The Path of the Rose.

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