I will be sending my distant healing prayers on Christmas Eve – praying to the Gnostic Trinity of Sophia, Jeshua and Mary Magdalene, as well as Archangel Michael, for their love, healing and comfort.

On the eve of the birth of the Divine Son-Sun King, I will be especially praying for the souls of the babes and children now sleeping with the angels, and for their parents, families and loved ones who grieve their loss.

Annabel Du Boulay Distant Healing Prayer Child-Loss The Healing Womb

I will also be praying for all those who are in hospital, or whose loved ones are in hospital, especially the babes and children.

My Winter Solstice son Zac spent his first Christmas in neonatal intensive care, so I really understand what a traumatic time of year this can be for many people and parents.

My heart really goes out to any of you who are grieving or separated from your loved ones.

I will be praying deeply that you may feel comforted and held in the angels’ wings.

Add a name/s to the comments and I will include them in my prayers and send distant healing.

Blessed Be

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