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6500 years ago, our Neolithic ancestors of the British Isles and Western Europe began building their megalithic monuments, many aligned as ritual resurrection chambers to the heliacal rising of the planet Venus and star Sirius, 1000 years before the Sumerians in Ancient Mesopotamia, where the teachings of the original Black Goddess were also taken from Africa via Mount Sinai.

Sumeria is known as the ‘Cradle of Civilisation’ due to its creation of the art of writing. Its literature was written down in a collection of myths, epic tales, hymns and songs, some by the world’s first named author in history – Enheduanna, High Priestess of Inanna.

The foundation Myth of the Descent and Ascent of Inanna was inspired by the astronomical cycle of the planet Venus with its 7 waning and 7 waxing moon conjunctions, which trace a Pentagram in the centre of a Celestial Rose, as featured in our logo since Beltane 2018 when The Avalon Rose Chapel® first opened its doors on the Isle of Avalon, Glastonbury.

The name given to the spiritual Wisdom tradition that evolved from this Venus Rose inspired mythos is the Rose Lineage, of which Mary Magdalene and Yeshua, as the later embodiment of the Venusian Black Goddess of Wisdom Sophia and her Sirian Bridegroom Christ ‘Kasista’, were Priestess and Priest.

I’ve spent 30 years tracking the Rose Lineage from its origins in Africa and Neolithic Old Europe to Bronze Age Mesopotamia, the Levant, Ancient Judaism and Egypt, to the Greco-Roman world and the early Christian Gnostics, who brought these spiritual Wisdom teachings back to the British Isles, where they wove together with those of Celtic-Druidism on the ancient Isle of Avalon, Glastonbury in the Summerlands, which some believe once leant their name to Sumer in Ancient Sumeria.

This Wisdom tradition was kept alive by secret societies and in hidden codes like the Tarot after it was forced underground by the patriarchal Church, and remnants of it still survive within the Cult of the Black Madonna in Southern Italy, where I was initiated onto the Path of the Rose in 1992.The Pentagram is also found in the centre of the Apple, the Fruit of Wisdom, and it is from these shared ancestral roots of honouring Venus, Sirius, the Rose, the Chalice-Grail, the Pentagram and the Apple of Wisdom, that the branches of the Rose, Celtic-Druidic and Avalon Lineages have blossomed in these sacred lands of Avalon, the Isle of Apples, from their singular Tree of Life, which I call The Avalon Rose Lineage.

My Programme of online trainings and in-person pilgrimages is a powerful way in which I facilitate your own experience of The Avalon Rose Lineage, energetically anchored in The Avalon Rose Chapel®, which is situated on an ancient island in the Great Lake of Avalon, within the Glastonbury Zodiacal Dog and beneath the Dog Star Sirius.

I invite you to explore this spiritual Wisdom tradition, which has so much relevance for those of us seeking a spiritual path outside the confines of patriarchal religion’s limitations. Allow me to peel back the layers of patriarchal distortion to reveal your spiritual and mythological heritage, and to guide you along your own path of gnosis or self-knowledge through a combination of esoteric teachings, myth, archetypes, creativity and ritual, designed to heal, inspire and empower you.

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Founder of The Avalon Rose Chapel®

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  • Annabel’s wonderful teaching style combines history, theory, myth, legend, visualisations, imaginal journeys, pilgrimages and creative expression, covering the Rose Lineage from the cradle of civilisation across the millennia. I have loved all of it, learning about the goddesses and priestess traditions of the lineage, and learning about myself and remembering my own soul's journey. I was really drawn to this teaching and I am so happy that I followed my instinct. It has been so much better even than I could have imagined, and I have met a wonderful new community. This process has truly changed and enriched my life.

    Donna Gerard
  • The training has gone so far beyond my expectations - I came into it with a very open mind and very little expectation, but I feel it has so dramatically transcended anything I could have imagined with the depth of the experiences I have had. It has transformed my life for the better, it has been so affirming, challenging, inspiring and grounding. I have SO enjoyed the style of teaching and learning within the course, and I would highly recommend working with Annabel to anyone who wants to learn more about the Rose Lineage on a deeper level.Darcie Kermode, Avalon Rose Priestess Training
  • Walking on the path of the Avalon Rose Priestess Training with Annabel has opened my eyes to the magic I once knew as a little girl, has opened my heart to the ecstatic love that resides in the Beingness of I. It has been a deep dive into the Self, collecting lost pieces of my Soul in the many 'aha' moments I received as a result of throwing myself into the training and the work. Journeying with the goddess and priestess archetypes of the Rose Lineage feels like a homecoming into the spiral of evolutionary love. I am so grateful for this work, as I never felt at home on this earthly plane and was constantly seeking. Now that part of me is finally at peace, for I have come HOME to the temple of Love inside the heart of the Rose Lineage. A must for every HEART seeker.

    Alina Stoleru, Avalon Rose Priestess Training
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