Celebrating Day 7 of my 30 day Yoni Puja. The shifts that have happened in just one week are seismic. My life as I thought it was going to be, has gone.

I began my Yoni Puja to heal my Sacral Chakra during this Venus Retrograde on the day after our Ascension Rites.

Since then, I have done no work except to run my Rose Moon webinar and accept 3 more beautiful Sisters onto my Avalon Rose Priestess Training.

It has been bliss to wake up each morning and simply do what my Soul wants to do.

I have spent the majority of the time either lying in the sun, listening to music, dreaming and visualising, or in front of my altar meditating, praying and journalling.

I’ve allowed my inner Creatrix to fully express herSelf through playing the ancient rhythms of the Black Madonna on my tambourino, which I am loving studying more with my teacher Alessandra.

I’ve been gardening and taking the time to smell the roses, studying the Tarot with my friend Laura, catching up with friends, spending precious time with my children, watching heart-warming films that made us laugh and cry.

I’ve been deeply loving my body with a bone broth fast, mugs of cacao, long baths, massages, breathwork sessions with Revelation Breathwork, and my Yoni Puja with the Khamakya chant and my Jade Egg practice, taught to me by Nolita.

I release the need to be in service to the detriment of my own well-being and abundance. I release the need to carry others. I release the belief that I need to push myself to the point of burn-out to be worthy.

I release the energy of all past toxic lovers and abusers.

I release what I thought were dreams with the realisation that they were just stemming from a false sense of duty, which my Soul has no desire to manifest.

I release all work unless it feels like play and makes my Soul sing.

I love myself, my body and my Yoni. I honour the sensual, creative Queen I am. I honour the wise, manifesting King I am, but I’ve asked him to lay down a while so my Queen can rest and receive all the love, passion and pampering she deserves.

If you’d like to join me in a Yoni Puja, you can still buy my Ascension Rites via this link.

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