#MarchMeetTheMaker ~ Challenge 8 ~ Flatlay

My novel The Serpent’s Tale with some of my shop’s products.

Stunning beaded bags made to my design by the Bedouin women’s co-operative I support in the Sinai.

Deer, jasper pendant from our totem animal product range, including hand-painted Remo drums, deerskin medicine pouches and Zuni fetishes.

And my favourite botanical incense from the range we hand-blend here in Glastonbury.

Styling this photo has made me fall in love again with my creativity ❤️

It’s so easy to get caught up with the business side of being an entrepreneur that we can forget to stop and appreciate the beauty of our creations and those of the people we support.

So today I want to honour all creatives and the beauty that you create.

“Hold fast to your dreams, children. Never let them die nor be destroyed by friend or foe. Find beauty, and where it does not exist, create beauty” from The Serpent’s Tale.

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