In light of the “Me Too” and “Time’s Up” campaigns being highlighted again this week at the Golden Globe Awards, I felt moved to share the poem I wrote during my recovery from suicidal depression, self-harm and alcoholism, largely triggered by my experience of sexual abuse.

I hope it may help some of you still struggling in the dark.


Who Am I?

Am I the darkness of the cave?

A wounded child to be saved?

Am I the fear choking hope?

The addict who cannot cope

without escaping into drink,

soaring high only to sink?


Am I the blade of the knife

seeking release from the strife?

The madwoman with voices

screaming she has no choices

but to take the pills and die?

Who am I?


Am I the light of wisdom

reborn from the dark prison?

A wounded healer of souls

lost in transit without goals?

A teacher and a writer,

A mother and a lover?


I am all of these and none.

For when all is said and done,

I am Life and I am Love,

I choose Freedom up above.


With my love and blessings to you all

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© Annabel Du Boulay 2004 (please credit author when sharing)

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