Low in the Eastern sky at 05.44 BST on Mon 14 Sept, the Waning Moon Venus Conjunction occurs just 1.5 degrees from the heart of the open star cluster Messier 44, known as Praesepe, the Beehive Cluster and ‘the spirit of the ancestors’ in the Constellation Cancer.

Praesepe is from the Latin word for ‘manger/crib’, where I like to envisage my Divine Magical Child Self cradled safely with the Spirits of my Ancestors in the caring, compassionate Mother Constellation of Cancer.

44 is the Master Healer number I wrote about on Earth Day relating to Mother Earth and the laying of strong, stable foundations in order to build something tangible which benefits many generations to come.

This is the Second Waning Moon Venus Conjunction, the SECOND GATE OF DESCENT, working with our Brow or Third Eye Chakra.

The symbol for this chakra is a lotus with a petal either side of a circle containing a downward pointing triangle.

These two petals, or eyes, symbolise the union of our rational perception through our vision with our spiritual perception through our intuition, ie: the Sacred Marriage of our masculine, logical left brain with our feminine, intuitive right brain.

When we bring both of these aspects of ourselves into balance, we are able to manifest (downward triangle) our Soul dreams, visions and gifts in the physical realm.

The Queen, our Anima, is the Visionary. The King, our Animus, is the Manifestor.

But our Queen can only access our visions through communion with our Divine Magical Child Self, a journey I have been deeply immersed in with Persephone-Kore ‘The Maiden’ whilst on pilgrimage to her sacred isle of Sicily and creating my teachings on her for The Queens’ Round Table Leadership Programme.

As we step through this powerful gateway during our ROSE MOON webinar on Mon, we’ll be journeying through our Third Eye to receive the visions of our Queen and her wisdom in relation to how our King can lay strong, stable foundations for their manifestation for the good of all in collaboration and co-creation with our Sisters and Brothers.

Join us on the journey the Rose Moon Membership.
With all my love from Avalon
Annabel Du Boulay ?
Founder Avalon Rose Chapel

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