The 4th Waning Moon Venus Conjunction occurs at 21:30 GMT on 12 Nov, just 8 mins before the 3rd Jupiter Pluto Conjunction of this year (1st: April 4 & 2nd: June 30), which is also occurring on and therefore activating the degree of the 12 Jan Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn.

I recommend looking back at these dates to evaluate the patterns and progress of the relevant themes that have been unfolding for you.

On 12 Jan, I was co-facilitating a labyrinth ceremony on Koh Phangnan in Thailand, whilst gifting myself my first 2 weeks of rest and recuperation in 21 years of hardcore mothering at the edge, living in the jungle with my Black Jaguar spirit guide.

On the 4 April Jupiter Pluto Conjunction, also conjunct the asteroid Pallas (Athena), we were in lockdown and I was synchronistically delivering my teachings on the Greek Goddess Pallas Athena as part of my Ancient Greco-Roman Workshop for my Avalon Rose Priestess Training.

On 30 June, we received the news that my disabled son Zac had won joint first prize in The International Churchill Society’s global speech competition, which has led to him raising over £10,500 for GOSH Charity and being featured at their international conference and on BBC Radio Somerset.

On this conjunction, I now find myself back in a process of deeply nurturing my physical well-being through a similar detox regime to my one in Thailand, and treading further along the Path of the Black Jaguar, which is taking me back to the beginning of my Path of Spirituality and Service when I lived with a shaman and volunteered at an orphanage in Cusco, Peru in 1995-6.

In my Avalon Rose Priestess Training, we are currently working with Mother Mary as the later embodiment of the Virgin Warrior archetype of Athena, whose combined qualities of the Warrior, Wisewoman & Creatrix we are all being invited to explore within us and to manifest for the good of All.

And I have just been invited to become a speaker for GOSH Charity, to help raise awareness, funds and boost staff morale during the pandemic.

This theme of creating a balance between loving and nurturing oneSelf, so that we can truly step into our Wisewoman Warrior Self and being in service to the community from that place of power, is fundamental to this 4th Waning Moon-Venus Conjunction when the Moon will also be opposite Mars – the God of War and Beloved to Venus, Goddess of Love.

Since my trip to Sicily, the land of Venus Erycina, I have been deeply immersed in preparing my teachings on Venus and the Heart Chakra for The Queens’ Round Table Leadership Programme.

Venus has been guiding me into the complexities of the Heart and the need to create unity and balance between Self Love, Sexual Love, Mother Love and Spiritual Love.

As we walk through this 4th Gate of Descent in the Venus Cycle, we are being asked to look at where there may be an imbalance in our lives between loving ourselves, expressing our sexual love in relationship, being in service to our children and/or the community through the expression of our Mother love, and our love for Source.

If you would like to explore these aspects of your own Journey of the Heart, we welcome you to step through the 4th Gate of Descent with us online this Thursday by joining my Rose Moon Membership.

With so much Rose Moon love from Avalon
Annabel Du Boulay ?♥️?
Founder of The Avalon Rose Chapel

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