“Hagal is the whitest of grain, it is whirled from the vault of heaven and tossed about by gusts of wind and then melts into water” – from an Anglo-Saxon runic poem.

The first two weeks of November are ruled by the Rune Hagal or Hagalaz, the hailstone rune of transformation.

Hagal is connected with Hela, Goddess of Death and Keeper of the Underworld in Norse mythology.

Like The Tower card of the Tarot, Hagal brings disruption and destruction from outside forces beyond our control.

As the hailstorm pelts us, our natural reaction is to fear it as it tears apart all that we thought was safe and secure – our relationships, our jobs, our homes, our beliefs about ourselves.

But it only destroys that which no longer serves us – the place where we are constraining our growth through a false sense of security driven by the fear of change.

How many relationship or jobs have you stayed in long past their sell-by date because you’re frightened of letting go?

In the same way that hail eventually melts into water, the giver of life, the destructive energies of Hagal, The Tower and this time of Samhain bring the opportunity for rebirth and growth.

As disruption appears in your life, trust in your inner strength to navigate the challenges, and await the light of dawn after the storm.

With my love and blessings this Samhain

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