Full Snow Moon Blessings in Virgo the High Priestess! As I was meditating upon an ancient burial mound hidden in the depths of a forest yesterday, I called to the sacred guardians and ancestors of the land.

I saw an image of myself as a wise-woman living alone in a longhouse nestled in woodland upon the moor, tending to my animals, the land and my craft.

It matters not that I am witnessed, for the elements are my kin. The wind strokes my hair as my bare feet tread softly on the earth towards the sacred spring that hums its way through the trees.

I let my robe fall to the earth and step naked into the icy cold waters, feeling the fish darting between my legs.

I sink down into the waters and stare up at the Full Moon. I am alone and yet I have never felt so alive, so at one with Source, with the Infinite.

In these moonlit hours of Oneness, nothing matters save Surrender. To it all.

This is the essence of the Sublime. This is the Path of the Priestess. An emptying until all that remains is our pure, humble, naked communion with Mother Nature, Her Elements, Source, our Soul and Spirit.

This Virgo Full Moon is inviting you to come home to your body, to the Earth. Dance barefoot on Her and bathe in Her moonbeams.

These precious moments of sublime surrender to the Infinite, to your Soul, to your Body in communion with the Earth, are all we have in the end. Everything else is transient, beautiful and painful, but transient.

The only constant is the ever-changing cycle of our lives in tune with the rhythm of the Earth and Stars.

We are born from the Earth and Stardust, and to them we will return
Full Moon Blessings from the Barrow
Annabel Du Boulay

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