Full Rose Beltane Super Moon in Scorpio Blessings! I love this Moon! It’s the perfect energetic embodiment of the Beltane-Taurus / Samhain-Scorpio axis that I spent around a decade of my life archetypally playing out as a Rose Priestess of Avalon on this Holy Isle.

This Rose Moon is the gateway into our own inner Sacred Marriage of Light and Shadow, Love and Loss, blessed by the Light of Sophia and the Christos, embodied in the Divine Union of Magdalene and Yeshua.

This is why I founded the Rose Chapel in Avalon on Beltane, and hold the last workshop of my Avalon Rose Priestess Training on the Early Christian Gnostics in Glastonbury this weekend.

Blessed by these energies of the Beltane Rose Moon, we have the most powerful opportunity to shed our skin like the Sophianic Serpent Goddess of Wisdom, to stir into Ceridwen’s cauldron all that no longer serves us, especially in relation to the ways in which we relate to ourselves and to others.

You may find your old patterns of behaviour being tested. Mine were in Glastonbury Abbey yesterday. It would have been so easy to fall back into an old shadow pattern of behaviour rooted in low self-worth, but instead my inner Wise-Woman chose to smile in Rhiannon’s Mirror of Reflection and re-member the Queen she has become.

To know deep in my heart and womb what I am worthy of.

Create some time during this Full Rose Moon portal to scry into the Looking Glass. Be open to the Universe and your guides showing you out-dated ways of relating that no longer serve you.

Call to Magdalena, to Venus, to Rhiannon, all of whose mythos embodies, like our own, both the shadow and light aspects of Love.

Commit to deep cleaning your physical surroundings and body, and as you clean and detox, allow old, stuck memories and identities to be washed away.

Create space in your life for your inner and outer Sacred Marriage to bloom like the Beltane blossom upon the Apple Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden.

Fall in love with yourself all over again as the Magical Divine Child you are.

With so much Beltane Rose Moon love from Avalon
Annabel Du Boulay
Founder of The Avalon Rose Chapel®

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