Wednesday’s Full Moon at 6:22 BST is in the Tropical Water Sign of Pisces and the Sidereal Constellation of Aquarius, the Water Bearer who bestows water upon the Earth.

It’s also opposite the Sun in Virgo – the Virgin and High Priestess, who is beholden to no-one and no-thing but her own Soul and Source with whom she communes through her Crown and Third Eye Chakras, which is where we find ourselves in this current Venus Cycle, midway between the First (Crown) and Second (Third Eye) Gates of Descent.

The High Priestess connects to the Mysteries of her own and the collective unconscious through the cycles of the Moon and the tides of the Ocean, from whose primordial depths all life on Earth was born.

I have spent the last two weeks since we stepped through the First (Crown) Gate of Descent in the Venus Cycle, which was aligned with the ancient Festival of the Black Goddess of the Rose Lineage, immersed in the energies of Water, especially of the Ocean, both in Sicilia below the Sanctuary of the Black Madonna of Tindari and here in Devon.

The message at this time feels to be one of allowing the amniotic waters of the Great Mother to enfold you in their healing embrace, to gently bathe and purify you, to rise up to support you so that you can float on their surface in full surrender and trust as the tides and currents carry you towards your destiny.

As you create time to float and dream during this Full Moon portal, open to receiving guidance from Source, your Soul and Guides as we move towards the completion of Summer and the beginning of Autumn at the upcoming Equinox.

What needs to complete and to be released to the tides? What new currents need to be given the freedom to flow through your life? What new relationships or experiences are they bringing with them? What dreams do you need to reawaken to and integrate into your conscious awareness so that you can bring them into manifestation?

Float, breathe, centre, release, dream
With my Full Moon blessings from the Ocean ???
Annabel Du Boulay ???
Founder of The Avalon Rose Chapel

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