Today on 13 August, the Festival of the Black Goddess Diana, it is synchronistically both the Dichotomy of Venus (the half-phase when the planet is at right angles to the Earth and Sun) and her Maximum Elongation West when she’ll be the brightest object in the predawn sky after the Moon.

This is happening the day after the ancient Egyptian and Roman Day of the Light celebrating the Birthday of the Black Goddess Aset-Isis (Sirius).

And it’s occurring the day before the most important Festival of the Black Madonna in Southern Italy and 2 days before the Black Goddess Rites on 15 AUGUST 2020 with:

  • The Heliacal Rise of Sirius
  • The Festival of the Black Goddess
  • The Assumption of the Madonna
  • The First Gate of Descent in this 8 Year Venus Cycle

So we are in the midst of an incredibly powerful build-up of energies that are being amplified by the alignment between the traditional annual festivals honouring the Black Goddess of the Rose Lineage (Isis-Diana-Cybele-Black Madonna-Sophia) with the new 8 year Cycle of Venus.

The message we are being reminded of through the weaving of the archetype of the Black Goddess with the Festival of Lights, the Heliacal Rise of Sirius and the Maximum Elongation West of Venus, is that DARKNESS IS NOT SEPARATE FROM LIGHT, which is in turn being embodied today in the symbol of the Dichotomy of Venus.

This is the primary teaching of the myth of Sophia, Black Goddess of Wisdom, which I explore in my novel The Serpent’s Tale, and which is at the core of all my ‘Philosophia’ teachings.

And it is what we will be journeying with this Saturday 15 August in The Avalon Rose Chapel’s Black Goddess Rites as we step through the First Gate of Descent in this new 8 Year Cycle of Venus, working with our Crown Chakra, which connects us to the Light of the Stars in the Darkness of the Cosmic Womb.

Join me by-donation with all proceeds going to the charity Project Harar, supporting vulnerable families in Ethiopia – the birthplace of the original Black Goddess.

Annabel Du Boulay

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