Annabel Du Boulay Shadow Healing Wisewoman Warrior

Only when we dare to listen to our shadow, to love Her in her myriad of voices, to heal her pain and fear, do we find the strength to pick up our sword as the Wisewoman Warrior we were born to be.

Imagine how it would feel to be free of all the burdens that are holding you back from manifesting your Soul’s purpose in the world.

When I’m feeling scared or blocked, I see myself at the end of my life, regretting the things I never did because I was too scared of being rejected or ridiculed.

And I make a vow to myself in that moment that I’m going to heal whatever fear or wounding is blocking me, because I’m not going to allow anything to stop me from fully stepping into my power and shining my light in the world.

I owe it to the people I’m going to help from an empowered place of strength and abundance.

Are you manifesting all that you know you are capable of?

If not, then join me on a journey to heal your pain and fear, and step fully into your power as the Wisewoman Warrior you were born to be.

Only 10 days left to submit your application to join the circle of 12 women on the Path of the Wisewoman Warrior – to learn more and book your place click HERE.

Alternatively, you can simply book a FREE 15 minute Skype session with me using my online calendar HERE.

I look forward to welcoming you into our sacred circle of 12 women on The Path of the Wisewoman Warrior.


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