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Annabel Du Boulay
The Goddess Conference

Goddess Conference Workshop 2020

Join Annabel at her online Goddess Conference Workshop journeying with the Earth Mother of the Rose Lineage embodied in the Sumerian Queen Kubaba, Anatolian Cybele and the Black Madonna, with guided visualisation, ritual, drumming and chanting

Earth Mother of the Rose Lineage: Kubaba, Cybele & the Black Madonna

Join me for my 1.5 hour Workshop on either Thursday or Saturday afternoon at the now ONLINE Glastonbury Goddess Conference.

Worship of the Anatolian Earth Mother Cybele has its roots in the Rose Lineage cult of the Sumerian Queen Kubaba, who was depicted holding a tympanum (frame drum), the instrument later used in the rites of Cybele in ancient Greece and Rome. Known as ‘Mother of the Mountain’ in all Her primal, raw, wild nature, Cybele’s mystery cult featured loud, percussive music of frame drums and castanets with circle-dancing by women. On the mountain of Montevergine, where Virgil was once initiated at her temple in the area of Southern Italy where my novel The Serpent’s Tale is set, these rites are still enacted in honour of the Black Madonna. In this workshop, we will explore the ancient rites of the Rose Lineage Earth Mother Kubaba, Cybele and the Black Madonna through guided visualisation, ritual, drumming and chanting for our own healing and empowerment as well as that of Mother Earth and all Beings as we co-create the New Earth together.

Follow the link below to the Goddess Conference website where you can purchase your online ticket.

Annabel Du Boulay

Annabel Du Boulay is Founder of The Avalon Rose Chapel, Rose Priestess of Sophia-Magdalene & Priestess of Avalon. With a MSc degree in Goddess Paganism & Gnosticism, Annabel is an Expert in the Rose Lineage, Author of the witch-burning novel The Serpent’s Tale and Co-Founder of the Leadership programme The Queens’ Round Table. A Transpersonal Therapist & Shamanic Workshop Facilitator, Annabel has worked with groups since 2006 and offers an extensive online and in-person programme, including her Avalon Rose Priestess Training & Rose Lineage Practitioner Training in Italy. As Priestess-Musician, she has trained and performed with the world expert Alessandra Belloni in the ancient rhythms, chants & dances of the Black Madonna. A mother of 3 children, 2 of whom were born with life-threatening syndromes & multiple disabilities, Annabel created The Healing Womb art installation for the Goddess Conference 2012 which she is blessed to be sharing with you again as an online Sanctuary for Sacred Loss at her 19th Goddess Conference.

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