Tomorrow on 10 July at 15:43 BST, Venus is at Aphelion (furthest from the Sun) and reaches her ‘Formal’ Greatest Illuminated Extent, having shone at her actual greatest brightness on 8 July.

This is occurring during what’s known as the 70 ‘Dog Days’ of Sirius when the brightest star in our sky is hidden in the glare of the sun before its heliacal rise, which is typically celebrated on 15 August – the same date as the Assumption of Mary, which in turn is founded on the most ancient festival of the Black Goddess of the Rose Lineage – Sophia/Black Madonna/Diana/Cybele – upon which the events in my historical novel The Serpent’s Tale are based.

Venus was last at her Greatest Illuminated Extent on 01.12.18 – the day of the Sophia Workshop of my Avalon Rose Priestess Training, following her Sacred Marriage with Sirius on 29.11.18.

In my previous post, I shared about the Sacred Marriage of the planet Venus with the star Sirius, which much of my Rose Lineage teachings are based on.

“In Ancient Mesopotamia, whose Rose Lineage myths and rituals are inspired by the Rose Cycle of Venus, Sirius was called Kasista, meaning ‘Leader’ and ‘Prince of the Heavenly Hart’, the Sacred Bridegroom Christos of the Venusian Black Goddess of Love & Wisdom Sophia, embodied in the avatars Yeshua and Magdalene, uniting Sirius and Venus in sacred, divine union.” (29.11.18)

Tomorrow is therefore the perfect day to do my Sirius-Venus meditation which I often use in my work, visualising the Blue Sapphire Ray of Sirius and the Rose Red Ray of Venus flowing down through the cosmos and entering your Crown Chakra, where they create the Violet Yoni Gateway in the centre of their Vesica Pisces – a powerful portal through which you can rebirth your Divine Child Self from the Sacred Marriage of your Soul.

Then the following day on 11 July, Venus will only be 1 degree N of Aldebaran, the brightest star in the constellation Taurus, dwelling in the eye of the Bull – the Bronze Age God of the Rose Lineage who creates the Sacred Marriage with the Cow Goddess in the ancient Bridal Chamber of the Cow Byre.


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