‘Pilgrim’ – a poetic journey through the Wheel of the Year in our Avalonian tradition, beginning at the Winter Solstice and ending on Samhain.


driven snow on soft moor
bright sun-adorned cherub
whispering on the winds

ewe’s milk dripping
beads of inspiration
from my child’s mouth

whiskers on a cat of
courage and conviction
stoking fire in my belly

heartache, break
of lovers
dismembered and freed

liberation of white horses
galloping through waves
towards union of self

tick tock, tick tock
grandmother of time
cradling me in her arms
tears flowing from
deep in my womb

pregnant, swollen belly
goddess of life’s abundance
birthing me

smell of damp earth rising
mouldy leaves trapped beneath
rotting fallen log

snail’s trail glistening
as Ariadne spins her web
drawing me down into
her dark cave of

sow’s milky paps
suckling wise souls
reborn into the light
of a violet dawn

Copyright Annabel Du Boulay 2007

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