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I look forward to working with you and helping you to transform your life

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If, like me, you believe in synchronicity then you will know that you are here because your Soul is calling you to make the necessary changes to move forward on your path, and I can help to guide you through this process

   Is fear and low self-worth keeping you feeling small and trapped?

  Are you repeating the same old self-destructive patterns of behaviour?

  Do you struggle with addiction to food or stimulants such as sugar, caffeine, nicotine or alcohol?

  Are you harbouring anger and resentment towards people who you feel have hurt you in the past?

  Do you find it hard to trust people or are you too dependent on the other person in relationships?

  Do you feel stuck in your life, your job or your relationship, but don’t know how to make the necessary changes?

  Do you feel frustrated and unfulfilled, like there must be more to life, but you don’t know what exactly?

  Are you struggling with a lack of financial abundance and a fear of scarcity?

  Do you feel depressed, anxious, frightened, ashamed, lonely or bored?


If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions, then Transpersonal Therapy could help you to make profound shifts in your life

  Transpersonal means ‘beyond the Ego Self’ and concerns the Spiritual Self, otherwise known as the Soul, Higher-Self or Inner Wisdom

  The Ego Self dwells in the logical, rational, masculine, conscious left-brain (our Animus) whereas the Spiritual Self expresses itself through the creative, emotional, feminine, unconscious right-brain (our Anima)

  Many of us live our lives dominated by our conscious left-brain and we neglect our unconscious right-brain because it also contains the Shadow Self – all the pain, insecurities and fears that we would rather ignore

  However, the more we ignore our unconscious, the harder it will try to get our attention

  This is when we can become dissatisfied or unwell, either psychologically or physically, because our Soul is forcing us to listen to our needs and to do the deep, transpersonal work required to move forward positively in our lives

  Transpersonal Therapy combines talking therapy with techniques such as guided meditation and creative expression to quieten the left-brain so that you can journey with your right-brain and inner archetypes such as the Wounded Child and the Wise Self

  This process can enable you to heal old wounds; release fear; transform negative patterns of behaviour; increase your sense of self-love and self-worth; improve your relationships; understand what your Soul’s purpose is; and remove blocks that are preventing you from manifesting your dreams as well as financial abundance

 Above all, it empowers you to journey with your Soul and to create the life your Soul wants you to lead


You can book either a SHORT or STANDARD Transpersonal Therapy Session

  The Standard session is 2 hours to enable sufficient time to journey deeply with your psyche, but I also offer a Short session of 1 hour

  Once you’ve booked a session using my online booking system, I will email you two forms to print and fill in, which you can photograph or scan in order to return to me via email

  I will then Skype you at the start time of the appointment and begin by asking you some questions to ascertain the primary issue that we need to work with

  Depending on your specific needs, the session will usually combine talking therapy with transpersonal techniques such as guided meditation, but sometimes it will only involve talking therapy

  After the therapy session, I spend time writing your Process Notes, then email you with suggestions for positive action steps to take as well as affirmations to use

  Transpersonal Therapy is not designed to be a long, drawn-out therapeutic process – instead, it aims to help you to make profound shifts in your life in a short space of time

  It is a good idea to leave at least two weeks between appointments so that your Soul can integrate the experience

  If, after that time, you feel you would like a further session to either work more deeply with the same issue, or to work with another issue, please feel free to book another session

I look forward to journeying with you

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Are you ready to journey with your Soul, heal your wounds and manifest your dreams?


I have a wealth of experience, both professionally as a therapist, and also personally

  I’ve gained over 10 years experience of working with private clients and groups since qualifying as a Transpersonal Therapist, Self-Development Workshop Tutor and Guided Meditation Teacher in 2006

  My experience includes working 1:1 with clients as well as writing and running self-development workshops, courses and retreats, within the private, corporate and voluntary sectors

  I worked for the UK’s leading mental health charity for 6 years, running self-development courses and gaining extensive experience in supporting people suffering with mental health difficulties

  As part of my own therapeutic journey of self-development, I completed 8 years of weekly Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) with a Professor of Psychology at City, University of London, followed by 6 years of Transpersonal Psychotherapy

♥   During my twenties, I embarked on a journey of recovery from suicidal depression, self-harm and alcoholism – I know what it’s like to be in that dark cave and what can help you to get out of it

  I’m a mother of 3 children, 2 of whom were born with life-threatening syndromes and multiple disabilities, who I have nursed through 18 operations – this experience has taught me so much about how to cope with life’s challenges

  I have a MSc degree and 2 years of MPhil/PhD research in the Sociology of Religion, specialising in the Feminine Divine and the role of women within Goddess Paganism, Gnosticism and Feminist Theology

  I’m an expert in mythology, archetypes and symbols which, combined with my Transpersonal Therapy training, gives me a unique ability to help you to work deeply with your psyche and to interpret your meditations using a technique Carl Jung termed ‘amplification’

  I’ve been on my own Gnostic-Shamanic path since journeying with the Black Madonna in Southern Italy (1992-5); living with a Shaman in Peru (1995-6); and completing my 3-year training as a Priestess of Avalon with the Glastonbury Goddess Temple (2001-4)

 I’m a Gnostic and Priestess of Sophia, influenced by Western Esotericism, including the Gnostic Journey of the Soul, Alchemy, the Kabbalah and the Tarot, as well as Carl Jung’s process of Individuation

 My Soul has taken me on a journey repeatedly into the dark cave of Sophia, Black Goddess of Wisdom, rebirthing me out of the darkness of pain, fear and anger, into the light of greater wisdom, strength, courage and compassion

  My Soul’s purpose is to use all the gifts that I have gained from these experiences to help others on their journey from darkness to light, guided by the love of Sophia

I look forward to helping you to come fully into your power and shine your light

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It’s important to trust the therapist you’re going to work with, so here are some things my clients have said about me to reassure you

♥   “Annabel has an instinctive perception which allows her to analyse potential problems but her skill lies in giving people the confidence to face up to issues which are very personal to them. Her intuition and her wealth of experience are a powerful combination.” (CB)

   “Annabel holds a very safe space and has a very deep understanding of human conflict and vulnerability. She supports a strong healing process by sharing her wisdom in a gentle, non-invasive way with clarity and authenticity.” (Koko Newport)

   “I went to see Annabel without a preconceived idea of what Transpersonal Therapy is. I found it so helpful. Annabel has a true passion for and belief in what she does. I felt listen to, believed and she has real empathy. I finished my sessions with her recently feeling calmer, more comfortable with life and happier than I have been in ages.” (LC)

♥   “Such an amazing opportunity to journey so deeply and to feel so encouraged and held by Annabel.” (Helen Rideout)

   “A very safe space where I could journey into the depths and feel totally held…incredibly powerful.” (Heloise Pilkington)

   “I was able to forgive myself, to find peace, compassion, acceptance and healing.” (Rachel Bass)

  “Thank you again for creating the safe, beautiful, inspiring space to allow me to explore and discover. I really understood where I have been holding my fears, anger and pain, and how this has stopped me from moving forward towards my dreams. Amazing experience.” (CJ)

   “Excellent experience. Truly supportive level of 1:1 interaction even in a group situation. Profound level of rapport with Annabel in such a short time. Incredible teacher.” (L Beattie)

   “I have had an amazing experience. Our 3 days together were intense, inspiring, enlightening and empowering. I feel like I have found the part of me that has been trying to emerge for a long time. Thank you for being the person who held and supported me on this journey.” (CJB)

  “The retreat was renewing, insightful, releasing of tension and fear, and helped me to embrace possibility. This type of experience is so important in our busy, technical world – to renew, rebalance and recharge in order to re-member. It’s a gift to yourself.” (AMW)

  “It was really nice to get away from my everyday life and responsibilities for a few days. The space provided and support given enabled me to examine aspects of my life that I now hope to bring together. My experience of the retreat was excellent.” (Anonymous)

  “Annabel is a very good teacher and you feel comfortable with her. You understand all that she is trying to teach you. A lovely lady and excellent teacher. The course has helped me a lot. It has shown me that I am not a nothing.” (Mental Health Service User)

♥   “The course was really interesting. I was so pleased with Annabel as a tutor. My mental health has improved greatly.” (Mental Health Service User)

  “Annabel’s facilitation was fantastic. I’ve learnt a great deal about myself and have been encouraged to look at more positive ways to build my self-esteem and confidence. I found Annabel very enlightening and able to give all the support necessary for me to understand more about myself.” (Mental Health Service User)


Are you ready to journey with your Soul, heal your wounds and manifest your dreams?


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