Annabel Du Boulay Philosophia Wheel Winter Solstice Week Two Me-Time Self-Growth

Where would you go if you set yourself free?

Grab a cup of char and curl up with me as we create some more MeTime together…

So this is Week 2 of the 6 weeks of the Winter Solstice – the pagan festival celebrating the Rebirth of the Light.

My apologies for missing Week 1 but I have been recovering from emergency surgery for appendicitis and peritonitis.

This has given me the opportunity to rest in bed and dream the days away, which is exactly what we should be doing during the Winter Solstice – dreaming our life alive.

So where would you go if you set yourself free? Take some time now to close your eyes and allow your Soul to lead you to the places it yearns to be and explore.

I would be on an aeroplane flying to New York to meet with my literary agent in order to negotiate a publishing deal and the sale of the film rights to my novel The Serpent’s Tale.

Next, I find myself at St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall, which I visited many moons ago when my daughters were babes, at the beginning of a Gnostic pilgrimage, honouring Archangel Michael, the embodiment of the Winter Solstice sun, god of Light and Life.

Now I am back home, riding my horse through the sacred landscape where I grew up, before I moved to Glastonbury, Isle of Avalon. I know one day I shall return, but for now, my work lies in Avalon, the Heart Chakra of the World.

So where would you go if you set yourself free? What dreams would you be manifesting? What adventures would you be pursuing? Where is your Soul’s true home?

Close your eyes, focus on your breath and visualise yourself on your white mare, galloping off to freedom through the virgin snow.

Share your dreams on my Instagram and Facebook posts (links in right-hand column).

Sagittarius is my birth sign, symbolised by the centaur – half-human, half-horse – dare to set yourself free and ride towards your dream life.

With my love and blessings

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