Annabel Du Boulay Winter Solstice Week 6

What gifts has the Winter Solstice brought you?

Grab a cup of char and curl up with me as we create some more MeTime together…

So this is the last of the 6 weeks of the Winter Solstice – the pagan festival celebrating the Rebirth of the Light.

Taking some time now to reflect on what the last five weeks have brought us before Imbolc arrives on Thursday 1 February.

I feel so blessed to have spent these weeks resting whilst I recovered from surgery.

The last 18 years of my life have been spent coping with one major stress after another, and although I would have preferred not to have had emergency surgery, I suspect it was the only thing that was going to force me to stop, put down my sword and surrender.

As my close friend pointed out, I literally “bust a gut”.

So I have spent the Winter Solstice resting and dreaming, slowing right down and learning to savour every moment.

My children have joined me in my bed as much as possible, where we have cuddled and cried, watched movies and howled with laughter, played games and shared stories.

Although nothing in my outward life has changed, things that once felt like a burden and stressful no longer do.

I am consciously creating time in my life for my loved ones, calling to speak to friends and family where once I might have felt too busy.

What a gift to realise that it’s OK to stop, to be, to rest, to dream, to play. That the world will keep spinning and things will still get done.

That I can choose to live life at a slower pace, enjoy each moment and nurture every relationship, instead of hurtling from one deadline to the next.

I am so grateful for this experience, and I’d love to know what gifts the Winter Solstice has brought you.

With my love and gratitude

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