Sophia Campbell-Du Boulay

Retail Assistant at the Annabel Du Boulay Shop

Sophia is my eldest daughter who features in the autobiographical prologue and epilogue to my historical novel The Serpent’s Tale. She survived life-saving surgery when she was a day old and 11 further operations. Like her namesake, the Greek Goddess of Wisdom, she is a wise soul who has immense strength, courage, depth and emotional intelligence.

Sophia completed her A Levels in Psychology, Biology and Maths, and is studying a degree in Psychology & Criminology, having been inspired by my experience of working with and campaigning on behalf of victims of domestic violence.

She is also a talented singer, having performed in three choirs at school as well as her own acoustic sets, and has been invited to take part in the streamed talent show Audition Live which is to be held at the recording studios in Manchester where she recorded a song and the producers were impressed by her unique voice.

Since 2015, she has worked part-time as a retail assistant in my Annabel Du Boulay Shop, and accompanied me with her sister on my last buying trip to New Mexico, where she spent time with the Native American Indian tribes in their pueblos and attended the Santa Fe International Folk Market.

Sophia Campbell-Du Boulay – listen to her on Sound Cloud