Jade Trelease

Equine Behaviourist & Coach

Jade is an equine behaviourist, coach and British Horse Society (BHS) registered riding instructor, who has trained with Monty Roberts (Certificate of Horsemanship), Kelly Marks (Intelligent Horsemanship Recommended Associate) and Heather Moffett (Enlightened Equitation Teacher).

I’ve worked with horses and people over many years from many different backgrounds. My main focus and what drives my work is that, regardless of what life has presented either horse or human, we work as a team to provide an environment where they can both shine.

Annabel on Jade

I met Jade when we both attended an Equine Touch training. I was struck not only by her competence and experience, but by her down-to-earth personality, which together create a sense of trust and safety. I knew immediately that she was the perfect person to join our weekend workshop and retreat team as the equine expert. We embarked on a team-building equine training and worked together with my horses until they were amalgamated into Livvy Adam’s Paintedhorse healing herd.