What secret gift is the Full Blue Moon of Imbolc bringing you?

Grab a cup of char and curl up with me as we create some more MeTime together…

So this is Week 1 of the 7 weeks of Imbolc – the Celtic fire festival sacred to the Goddess Brighid, Brigit, Bride.

Imbolc is celebrated on the 1st of February each year and, this year, Imbolc Eve coincided with the second full moon of the month, known as a Blue Moon, in the fixed fire sign of Leo.

This rare occurrence – literally ‘once in a blue moon’ (typically only four or five a century) – combines the mysterious, deep, intuitive, lunar energies of the feminine with the fiery, active, manifesting, solar energies of the masculine.

It forms a potent portal through which to commune with the Divine and our Soul, to receive guidance through the activation of our Third Eye chakra, and to receive a secret, magical gift from the abundant Mother Moon.

Create a lunar altar with a blue candle, a bowl of sacred spring or sea water and some Lapis Lazuli crystals. Spend some time in meditation staring at the Moon, listening to Her guidance, before scrying in the surface of the water as it reflects the image of the Moon, allowing your Third Eye to see any figures, animals or symbols that may appear with messages for you.

Wishing you a powerful, illuminating Full Blue Moon of Imbolc

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