Annabel Du Boulay How To Find What Your Souls Purpose Is

How to find what your Soul’s purpose is…

So this is Week 4 of the 7 weeks of Imbolc – the Celtic fire festival sacred to the Goddess Brighid, Brigit, Bride.

As Brigit is the Protector and Healer of Children, during Imbolc we journey with our Inner Child who holds the key to our Soul’s purpose.

Sometimes we can find ourselves in that place of limbo, dissatisfied with our life situation but unsure what else to do, what direction to take, which one of our many ideas to follow.

One of the most powerful ways in which we can discover what our Soul’s purpose is, is to look back at our childhood and remember what we instinctively used to love doing.

Even if your childhood was painful, what did you do to self-soothe or escape?

Did you spend time in Nature, with animals? Did you listen to music, dance, sing, play an instrument? Did you read books and write stories? Did you draw and paint? Did you enjoy using your physical body, playing games or sport? Did you love dressing up and performing?

Did you like spending time with people or on your own? Did you love making dens and playing houses, building things with your hands or designing them with your imagination? Did you enjoy travelling, visiting different places or did you prefer being at home?

What fascinated and intrigued you as a child? What do you remember getting really excited about? What project could you get lost in for hours or days? What did you love reading or learning about?

Each of us is so unique. We each bring our own special gifts to this world.

By looking back at our childhood and tracking our path of life experience since then, we can begin to weave all the threads together to understand what our Soul’s purpose is.

Transpersonal therapy is a really powerful way to cut through the distractions of the ego and communicate directly with your Inner Child and Soul, to discover what it is you need to focus on at this time, what wounds you need to heal or changes you need to make in order to manifest your Soul’s purpose.

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With my love and blessings

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